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My Episode Of Nasi Beriyani

Last weekend I was busy preparing an order from a production team of 20 people for their breakfast and lunch meals. For breakfast, they ordered Egg-Mayo Sandwiches and for lunch they ordered Nasi Beriyani with Chicken and Papadom. Fyi, it was my first time accepting orders for Nasi Beriyani. In fact, it's not often that I accepted offers to cater. However, lately, I gained the confidence to start accepting orders for small scales. Since I had to cook for quite a number of people, I decided to do everything at my parents' place. My parents let me use the kitchen while they took care of my kids. To tell the truth, it was not easy indeed to complete such task. There were many unexpected challenges that I had to endure during the process of making the Nasi Beriyani last weekend. At first, everything went well especially in the preparation stage, ie, preparing the ingredients. Mind you, it was a one-man show. Yes, I was the only one doing everything from scratch (why did I accept

Munajat Cinta - The Rock

Malam ini ku sendiri Tak ada yang menemani Seperti malam-malam yang sudah-sudah Hati ini selalu sepi Tak ada yang menghiasi Seperti cinta ini yang selalu pupus Tuhan kirimkanlah aku Kekasih yang baik hati Yang mencintai aku Apa adanya Mawar ini semakin layu Tak ada yang memiliki Seperti aku ini Semakin pupus Tuhan kirimkanlah aku Kekasih yang baik hati Yang mencintai aku Apa adanya

Muammar Daim bin Rozinor

Muammar Daim is my youngest son. He's 3 years old and very very cheeky. Daim likes: 1. to sing 2. football 3. to take a walk with Mama 4. to hold hands with Mama 5. kissing Mama on her cheeks 6. to eat rice with kicap 7. to drink plain water 8. to sleep late at night but he won't disturb anybody 9. to wake up late in the morning 10. talking on the phone with Atuk 11. to tell stories even though Mama tried so hard not to laugh everytime he started his story with "Once upon a time....." 12. to run and hop, he doesn't walk, he skips...hahahaha... 13. to sit in the car quietly with seat belt on 14. to watch Ultraman and wishes to become one 15. to read just like Abg Ngah and Mama 16. to wear his khaki bermuda shorts 17. to play hide and seek, he hid in the wardrobe once and fell asleep there making Mama panic for a while 18. to be the youngest in the family, whenever someone asked him if he would like to have a little sister/brother, he would quickly say 'No way

Umarizz Darwisy bin Rozinor

Umarizz Darwisy is my second son. He just turned 4 last Merdeka Day. Yes, he's a Merdeka baby. Although at birth he weighed 3.56 kg which was quite big for me, at 4, he's only 14 kg. He's small, thin but no doubt, quite strong. You could feel his hard bones whenever you pressed his arms or thighs. Darwisy is an extremely active boy. He hardly sleeps and always on the moves no matter when and where. He could run fast and I often imagined Darwisy as a football player looking at his speed while running. I've described Darwisy in this blog a few months ago about how he could cry really hard and I even said that Darwisy had crying as his hobby. Hahahahaaa.....and the statement remains until today. Yes, let me tell you how he could cry and cry and cry whenever his wishes were not granted. There was once when he wanted me to take his bottle for him which was only at arm's length. Of course I didn't want to do it because he could take it himself. But being Darwisy, a

Danish Muqri bin Rozinor

Danish Muqri bin Rozinor is my eldest son. Today is his last day of school for this year. Yes, he was quite excited to go to school because he told me that he wanted to play with his friends before meeting them again early next year. He just turned 7 last 8 November. Being the eldest and biggest, he's indeed a responsible son and brother. He could tolerate his two younger brothers well. He often gave ways to those two cheeky little ones. There was once when Danish was happily munching a piece of biscuit, one of his brothers came up to him and asked for a bite. At first, it was clear that Danish was a bit reluctant to let his brother have it. The two boys were looking at each other intensely when suddenly Danish offered the biscuit to his brother, not just one tiny bite but the whole piece! Wow, that was something, I said to myself at that time. I expected Danish to just ignore his brother and swallow the whole thing, but he tolerated and gave away his favourite biscuit happily. Th

Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain

Back in late 90s when Astro had just started its operation, my father subscribed to it. I could still remember that it was considered a luxury thingy back then due to its installation fee which was about 1K++. I couldn't recall the monthly fee however. I knew at that time not so many people had installed Astro and we were amongst the first few subscribers. The image of the digitalized screen was quite clear and at times you could see some alien boxes on the tv screen. Seriously. I guessed technology was still a trial and error on the cable at that time. The channels were not so many like today. The local channels (free ones) were not even on the list yet. There was only one Malay channel, Ria and the movie channels available were only HBO and Star Movies. There were also one Chinese channel, a Tamil channel and of course there were MTV and Channel V around. The best part about Astro during those times was the attraction that it offered to its limited viewers. There were many cont

Late and Wait

Dear readers, Being a normal human being, I'm sure all of you have been late before. Be it late for class, late for submissions, late for a movie and late for anything that you can think of. I have been late myself. Throughout my adult life, I have been late for so many things. And all my lateness had good reasons behind them. Yes, everything happens for a reason, right? Whenever I was late for something, I'd be rushing like mad. This is because I'm the type of person who would try the best to be on time no matter what. If not on time, it'd be earlier. Get what I mean? If I was the one waiting, and the other person was late, well, I would always be the forgiving person. The reason is obvious....I've been late before, so, it's not wrong for another person to be late too. That person must have his/her own reasons for being late. We just have to compromise and tolerate here and there in order to make both parties happy. There's no point being angry just bec


Last Tuesday, on the way back from picking up Danish from school, the sky was threatening to rain heavily. It was very dark making it look like night time. However, luckily, the traffic was not too bad. As I was driving, one of my sons said that he saw a car broke down. I drove past the car and saw that there was a lady in her late 30s and carrying an infant. Beside her on the right was a small girl and on the left another girl. Could be her daughters. They were standing by the roadside, behind their MPV. The emergency lights were on. The lady was just smiling, looking cool and she was trying to console the daughter on her right who looked like crying. The lady then tried to stop the cars that passed by. I slowed down my car and I was about to stop when suddenly I heard a loud honking behind me. There was a lorry honking me like mad right behind my car. I was startled and sped off. Damned the lorry. Couldn't the driver see what was happening? Even if the driver didn't want to


Since I work from home, I have my own SOHO at home. My small office home office concept is just a little corner of the living room. Let's look at the following conversation between my sons (Darwisy, 4, Daim, 3 and I): Darwisy: Kenapa Mama pakai lipstick? Mama: Eh, Mama nak pegi work la.. Daim: Ha? Work? Mama: Yup, I'm going to my office to work... Darwisy: Mama pakai lipstick nak pegi work? Kat mana? Daim: Tuuuuuu....(pointing to my SOHO) Mama: (speechless)

A & B

A & B were best of friends. They had been friends for as long as they could remember. They shared many things together. They had seen the best and the worst of one another. They both felt their ups and downs with each other. When A was feeling terribly down, B would cheer A up. When B was having a really hard time, A was there to calm B down. Years passed by without noticed. A & B had become quite distant from each other. It could be due to the distance between them (they lived far away from each other after both got married) or it could simply be because of 'something that had happened' somewhere along the line when they were still communicating well with each other. Something that really broke A's heart and B was heart-broken too. A was busy with work and B was struggling in business. Both had been thinking of each other all the time all this while. Although both were not keen to make the first move to say hello again, both were wishing that things would be fine


I was blog-hopping last night when I came across my ex-colleague's blog here . In her latest entry, she wrote about her blog being reviewed by another ex-colleague, Jogger , whom she hadn't met for quite some time. When we were working at the same place, Jogger was my next-seat neighbour. At first, he was quite reserved but as I got to know him, he was not bad, quite a cool chap. He's easy to talk to and I could discuss many things with him, be it the current issues, women issues or anything that we felt like discussing. He's almost like a brother to me. In fact, he's of the same age as my own younger brother. I guess that explains how we could get along well with each other. Oh yes, he played paintball at that time and good at it. I wonder if he still plays it now. After I left the company, we didn't keep in touch. Therefore, I didn't know his progress in life, whether he had gotten married, his whereabout and also what he's doing now. So, when I cam

I Am A Work-From-Home Mom

I've been neglecting my blog, yes, I know.... Those who know what I'm doing professionally or even personally would understand how busy I could be at times. Well, to tell the truth, being a loving mother to three active heroes who are growing up too quickly, being an understanding wife to an extremely busy filmmaker, being an obedient daughter to wonderful parents, being this and being, just being me at this rate really takes up the full 24 hours a day to the max!!! But, I'm not here to complain. I'm writing diligently today to say that I'm truly blessed with a healthy body, a clear mind and a full source of energy, Alhamdulillah. Although I'm not working fulltime at the office anymore, I'm still working fulltime at home. Yes, I'm not a housewife. I am a work-from-home mom. On top of all the housechores that you could think of, I have my own professional work that I have to attend to at home too. I do translations, editing and proofrea

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my readers out there. As some of you might have known, we take turns to go back for raya (Rembau & Johor Bahru). Since we'd celebrated the first few days of raya at Rembau last year, therefore, this year, obviously, we are going back to Johor Bahru. All of us got a week break and there won't be any connection with the internet at JB's home. So, I'll be only back in-touch with the virtual world a week from now. I wish all of you a safe journey home and enjoy the break!

14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Days of Ramadhan

14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th Days of Ramadhan updates: 14th Day of Ramadhan: Sorry as I couldn't remember what I cooked on that day. So much for not updating obligingly. 15th Day of Ramadhan: I cooked at my parents' place as a cousin of mine was coming over and my dear nephew was also around. My mom requested that I cooked Ayam Masak Merah, Ikan Sos Tiram, Masak Cili Api Ikan Tenggiri and Sup Sayur. 16th Day of Ramadhan: I cooked at my parents' place again. The dishes were Masak Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi and Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis. 17th Day of Ramadhan: I cooked Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis again and also Fried Fish. 18th Day of Ramadhan: My mom was cooking because I was tired after accompanying Danish to a casting session at Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd which is owned by Sifu M.Nasir. Too bad we couldn't meet him but we managed to hear his voice loud and clear from his office. My mom cooked a dish which she watched from a cooking show in the morning. The dish was called Ayam Ki

Mulanya Cinta - Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

MULANYA CINTA Tiada sesiapa dapat melupa Perasaan cinta pertama Akan ku ingat selama-lama Saat pertama jatuh cinta Kasih sayang Senyum mesra bersama Gurau senda pujuk rayumu Pasti ku ingati Apapun juga akhirnya Aku kan tetap Mengingatimu dengan setia Walaupun kau akan pergi Pasti ku ingati gelora cinta Kali pertama

Twelfth & Thirteenth Days of Ramadhan

12th Day: I cooked Ikan Kerisi Masak Lemak Tempoyak, Ikan Kecik (I didn't know the name, actually, hihi) Goreng Cili and Fried Spinach. 13th Day: I cooked Chicken Curry and Kacang Panjang Goreng. Very simple dishes for break fast but nobody complained, so, I guess, it's okay....

Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Days of Ramadhan

I was quite occupied with things in hand for the past few days, hence no update on the rest of Ramadhan in this blog of mine. Well, I guess it's okay to list everything altogether in one single entry of the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and the eleventh days of goes: Seventh Day: I cooked Ikan Keli Berlada with Fried Cabbage and Kuih Keria for break fast. We had the same dishes for sahur as well. Eighth Day: I didn't cook because my mom asked us to break fast with my parents at home. When we arrived, everything had been laid out on the table...hihii....sorry, Mak, didn't help you out this time.... My mom cooked Sambal Sotong, Gulai Lemak Cili Padi Telur Itik and Tauhu Sumbat. My younger brother joined us too and he brought with him Ayam Golek and the famous Bubur Lambuk Kg Baru (not the mosque, it's at a corner somewhere behind Maybank). My hubby went to the Bazaar Ramadhan which is just a walking distance from my parents' place and bought some Sar

Sixth Day of Ramadhan

Last night my hubby said that I had still not cooked for him Lontong ever since he mentioned about it few months ago...yes, you read that correctly....few months ago... So, I decided to cook Lontong for the sixth day of Ramadhan. Luckily I had all the ingredients in the fridge, therefore, I did not have to waste much time looking for things to accommodate the recipe. I started off with making Nasi Impit in the afternoon. Then, I prepared the 'rempah' for the gravy and thawed the coconut milk. At the same time, I prepared another of my first attempts in making kuih which was Kuih Lopes, also a request from dear hubby. After all the 'rempah' were ready, I started cooking the Lontong complete with its condiments like Sambal Tumis and Serunding Kelapa. When Lontong was safely put aside, I made Kuih Lopes slowly and steadily because there was still so much time to spare before the time to break fast. Since I managed to make quite a few pieces of Kuih Lopes, I asked Dani

Fifth Day of Ramadhan

For the fifth day of Ramadhan I cooked Chicken Soup+potatoes+carrots and Telur Bistik. I also made Pulut Serunding as requested by my hubby. It's my first attempt making Pulut Serunding but Alhamdulillah, it was not bad at all. Easy to cook and good to eat.... So far, we hadn't bought any food from the Bazaar yet...everything was homemade till this very day. Hopefully, I would have enough energy, time and ideas on what to serve and feed the family throughout the rest of this holy month, insyaAllah.

Fourth Day of Ramadhan

Today is the fourth day of Ramadhan. For break fast, I cooked Sambal Cencaru and Goreng Kobis+Carrot+Tomato. For dessert I made Ondeh-Ondeh or also known as Kuih Buah Melaka or in my hometown, Kuih Kolopong. Danish and I made Fresh Orange Juice where we used four oranges, a spoonful of sugar and three cups of cold water, blended everything in the mixer and it's ready to be consumed by Danish...heheh After eating, Danish had his other portion of 'Lengkong' and he finished it in just a few seconds. You really fancy such simple 'Lengkong', huh, Danish? It's ok, Mama would make more next week for you...

Third Day of Ramadhan

The menu for the third day of Ramadhan was very simple. I only cooked Ikan Bawal Sos Tiram (this is my own recipe, I created the recipe few years back) and Bayam Rebus. For dessert, I made 'Lengkong' or better known as Agar-Agar Merah which was Danish's favourite since small. For half of a packet of Agar-Agar Strip, I managed to make 10 small cups of 'Lengkong', not bad...enough for a few days' portion of dessert for Danish, Darwisy and Daim. At around 11pm, my hubby complained that he felt a little bit hungry. So, since at that time, I was quite busy with my own work, I requested for him to make Roti Gulung Sausage. Although he looked a bit reluctant to do it, he went on cooking the simple bread and voila! the bread looked appetizing enough and he looked rather happy at the end coz his tummy had been filled up adequately..hihi... For sahur, we had the same menu as Buka Puasa but I added Telur Dadar and I made hot drinks for each of us.

Second Day of Ramadhan

Second day of Ramadhan, I went to my parents' place in the morning to help my mom cook some dishes for my sis in-law, my nephew and my niece who just got back home from Abu Dhabi. We cooked Rendang Daging with Pucuk Ubi, Sambal Prawn, Masak Lemak Cili Api Chicken and Corn Pudding. That's quite a lot but it's been almost two years since my mom last cooked for them, I guess I had to give credits to my mom.... So, before going back to my own house, of course I packed everything and when I reached home, I would only need to cook rice...and relax...

First Day of Ramadhan

The first day of Ramadhan went well for my family, Alhamdulillah. Danish was fasting too and he's determined to fast the whole month, insyaAllah. Since it's the first day, so I decided to cook special dishes (at least special for me la...hihi). I made 'karipap sardin', masak lemak cili api chicken with potatoes, fried kangkong and keropok ikan kering Sabah goreng. The chicken was Danish's favourite, therefore, without wasting much time, upon azan, he grabbed his drumstick and poured the gravy till 'banjir''s such an interesting sight watching him breaking fast wholeheartedly. For sahur, we had the same dish plus hot drinks for each of us.

Leaking Tummy?

A conversation between my youngest son, Daim, who is only 34 month-old and me just about 15 minutes after we had our dinner: Daim: Mama, aku lapar la...(he calls himself 'aku' and sometimes 'saya'). Mama: Ha? Daim: Mama, perut aku lapar la...(bending over to me while pressing his tummy with a frown) Mama: We just had our dinner kan? Daim makan 3 pinggan kan? Daim: Mama, aku lapar sikit jer....boleh la Mama...(with a very deep frown) Mama: (speechless)

Hari Raya 2009 Biscuits For Sale

Tart Nenas Mangkuk Istimewa Tart Nenas Gulung Power Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler To my dear readers out there, I have actually started my Hari Raya biscuits business back in 2007. Ever since my first embarkment in the business, I have not looked back and it has been one of the things that I love doing. To tell the truth, I only sell three (3) types of Hari Raya biscuits namely Chocolate Crunch which I renamed it as Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler, Tart Nenas Gulung which I renamed as Tart Nenas Gulung Power and Tart Nenas Mangkuk which I called Tart Nenas Mangkuk Istimewa. Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler has been a big hit since it made its first appearance in 2007. People actually re-ordered many times after they have tasted the first bottle that they bought. I was truly glad and thankful for the great feedback not only for Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler but from buyers of the other two biscuits as well. Indeed they were satisfied and craving for more....hihi So, come this Hari Ray

Camner Ek?

As the readers of my humble blog would notice, I always write in English. But this time around, I would like to write in my mother tongue which is Bahasa Malaysia. Why? The reason is because I think what I'll be expressing later on would sound better in BM (just like Myra, arwah Shera's sis-in-law..hihihi). Ok here goes... Kalau seorang pompuan tu perut dia buncit, dia mmg kena tgh pregnant ker? Asal perut buncit jer, pregnant la tuh....ada ke camtu? I was quite 'bengang' bila orang yang agak dah lama tak jumpa aku, mesti dia akan tanya whether aku ni pregnant ker. Aku tau la perut aku buncit, but does that mean aku pregnant memanjang? Orang tu tau tak yg kalau pompuan dah dekat nak datang bulan, perut dia akan bloated? Or orang tu tau tak kalau pompuan yang dah beranak tiga mmg perut dia akan nampak agak tak kempis lagi? Or orang tu tau tak kalau pompuan tu perut buncit ada kemungkinan dia tgh menderita ketumbuhan fibroid kat dlm rahim dia tuh? Aku mmg sensitif be

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

At last, the night that we had been waiting for had finally arrived. The night when we would be the first amongst the Malaysians to watch 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen'. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, hubby and I were keeping this a secret from Danish. So, when I was dropping him off at his school in the afternoon, I told him to straight away wait for me at the guardhouse after school, no stopping at the canteen or at the ice-cream man. Obviously, he was curious. I told him that we were going somewhere later. So, as expected, I saw Danish straight away headed towards the guardhouse after the bell rang. I quickly ushered him to the car and asked him to take a shower and get dressed once we reached home. Then, at 8pm, we hurried off to the cinema in Ampang because our show was scheduled at 8.30pm. In the car, Danish kept on asking where were we heading to. I kept quiet and it's up to hubby to answer. Well, I guess, my hubby himself couldn't contain the sus

A Secret

Two days after watching 'Drag Me To Hell', we went to watch 'Angels & Demons'. Quite a heavy drama but not bad at all. I've never missed Tom Hanks's movies so far. I like his cool acting and this movie proves that Tom Hanks can still act. Well, the ending is quite unpredictable too. If you were to watch this movie, watch it with open minds because there are some sensitive dialogues (in my opinion, at least) that might offend some people, that much I can say... How come we have so much time watching movies at times when other people are busy working at their workplace? Hahaha...that's the beauty of working on our own, self-employed, where you manage your own time and job and still become successful at the same time...InsyaAllah and Alhamdulillah... Oh yes, I almost forgot! While buying the movie tickets, hubby noticed that there would be a sneak screening of 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen' a day before the daily shows....yup, hubby didn&#

There Goes My Popcorn

Last two weeks, my hubby and I went to watch 'Drag Me To Hell'. We went to our favourite cinema in Ampang, just the two of us. We left the twins at the babysitter's and Danish was safely in school. Hubby really wanted to watch this movie and I, for one, was not too keen in watching horror movies because I would normally have nightmares afterwards (seriously!!!). But, for the sake of 'dating', I braved it through. Well, frankly, I was indeed scared and couldn't sit still. At the same time, I was munching the creamy popcorn and closing my eyes with my hands on and off....I was practically peeping through my fingers...hihi...Once, I was so terrified that I literally jumped out of my seat with my popcorn thrown away all over the place....hahahaha....that shows, huh? Overall, it's not a bad movie, kind of unpredictable towards the end...I like the ending..and Alhamdullillah, I didn't have nightmares that night, too old for that already, I guess?

It's Back In Town!!!

Yes, I've been waiting for this for nearly over a year now. I'm sure many of you out there have tasted the goodness of this healthy rice. It is indeed healthy compared to other types of rice because I could feel the difference between them (in my humble opinion, at least...) Before consuming Herba Ponni Taj Mahal, we had the normal Super Tempatan rice for our daily meals. Not to say that Super Tempatan rice is not good, it is good as well but Herba Ponni Taj Mahal makes you feel healthier and slimmer (heheh). During the time when the price of rice went uphill, this special rice seemed to disappear from the market. I was told that because of its high price, the production was too expensive to endure for the time being. My family and I had been eating the rice for years by then. So, when the healthy rice was not being sold anymore, we had to go back to the Super Tempatan rice. Everytime I did my marketing, I would often look out for Herba Ponni. I also wished that it would be

Let's Read

Since I've been catching up with my readings lately, there are things that I've noticed happening around me. My sons are also into reading now. For example, my eldest son, Danish, would start taking out his BEN 10 comic series (he has 6 BEN 10 series) and reading them whenever he sees me taking out and reading my own book. My second son, Darwisy, would do the same thing. He would be busy looking for his own pictorial book whenever he sees his Mama and Big Bro reading. And my youngest son, Daim, would start looking flustered because he normally puts his book at 'out-of-this-world' place. While the rest of us are starting to sit down comfortably to read, he would hassle us to help him find his book first....and once found, he would lie down flat on his tummy and read out loud (of course, in his own version...). I always carry with me a book or two while going out. And now, all my sons would also carry their books with them in their own bags. And when I start to read i


Danish's dialogue: Nenek: Danish, Mama masak apa hari ni? Danish: Lamb, Nek. Nenek: Kambing? Dapat kat mana? Danish: Tadi pergi C4, beli kambing sekor, pastu suruh org C4 tu sembelih, pastu Mama amik la satu keping jer masak kat rumah. Nenek: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaaaaa....... Darwisy's dialogue: Mama: Good nite, Darwisy. Darwisy: Good nite, Mama. I love you too, Mama. Mama: I love you, Darwisy. (feeling confused, scratching her head and asking herself: Who said 'I Love You' first? He or me?......) Daim's dialogue: Daim: Mama, listen.....Aku jadi Upin Ipin...(Daim calls himself 'aku'...heheh) Mama: Ok, now sing... Daim(in almost Upin Ipin's voice): Hi kawan, saya Upin, ini adik saya Ipin. Ini kisah kami berdua. Hi!!!!....Episod 3: BEN 10 Mama: haahahahahahhaaaaaa......(mmg hard-core BEN 10 fan anak bongsu aku ni...)

Danish in Tom Tom Bak

Wow, it has been quite some time since I last wrote....sampai ada yang komplen blog ni tak update...hihihihi.... There are so many reasons as to why I haven't been updating this precious blog of mine... One of it is that my notebook went kaput....all my documents have gone with the wind, important documents, photos and even documents which are a matter of life and death have also disappeared.....sob..sob...If I need to surf the net, facebooking or blogging, I'll have to use my hubby's notebook now and frankly, I don't get that much, that's one concrete reason for not updating this blog so much... Alright, I would like to remind my readers out there to watch Tom Tom Bak on Astro Ceria every Sunday starting from this Sunday - 31 May 2009 at 12 pm.....As I have mentioned before, Danish is one of the talents for Jom Borak segment with Aznil in this programme. However, I do not know which episode would Danish be in, so we'll have to watch ev

Tomok - The One In A Million

I've been a follower of some reality shows on our local tv channels. To me, some of these shows are indeed entertaining and somehow they can be a real eye-opener. Watching the contestants being challenged and commented all the time makes me wonder if they could actually endure such stressful and tensed moments. Their mental power must be strong to swallow everything calmly and peacefully. But only God knows what's been playing in their mind at that time and how their hearts must have been broken upon hearing such nasty and cruel comments....oh well, that's the part and parcel of being a reality tv show participant...i guess they just have to go through everything until the end...they have no choice, haven't they? Just now, I watched One In A Million Season 3. I've been a follower not from the beginning but since I watched Tomok sang 'Ingin Bersamamu' a few weeks ago. He really swept me off my seat watching him rendering the song smoothly in his own unique s

My Best Kept Secret

It's been almost one month since I last blogged. Indeed I was busy like anything, so many things to do and so many missions to be accomplished.... There are many things and issues that I would like to blog about. Well, let's see...hmmm....why don't I start with my reading issue? Okay, if you have been following my blog, you'd know that I have an issue with reading. Reading is my hobby since young.....but with three heroes around, I found it extremely difficult to make the time to read anything at all..... However, now, I am proud to say that for the past two and a half months (I started on 26th January 2009), I have managed to read five novels and I am currently reading my sixth!!!! Is that an achievement or what? I, myself, was shocked to discover that I have read five books within three months....How did I manage to do that? Actually, it took my whole willpower to start on a book and somehow I couldn't stop since then. I could still remember clearly what Arwah

My Big Boy

It's school holidays and it's also shooting days for Haiwan Teladan Season 2. The readers of my blog would surely understand what Haiwan Teladan was all about. Yes, my eldest, Danish, was one of the actors in this particular kids' show of TV3. After the success of Season 1, Danish was chosen again to act in Haiwan Teladan Season 2. When I first got the schedule, I was a little bit taken aback because the shooting would take place the whole week of school holidays including the weekends. And the time would be from 9 in the morning until around 7 in the evening. Wow, such a tight schedule for Danish but I was sure he could cope. Come rehearsal day which was yesterday, we went to the location as early as 8 as we were told to be on time. When the rehearsal started, I noticed that Danish was not as noisy and active as he used to be in the previous season. Even the producer and the compere noticed this. They came and asked me about Danish's 'unusual' behaviour. Well

8 Years Already...

Yup, it's our 8th anniversary. So glad that we've made it this far....there have been ups and downs no doubt. Last year was the most challenging and yet, we've braved through it successfully, Alhamdulillah... Everything that happened had happened for a reason, I was sure of that. I've become more tolerant and more understanding now. I wish to be tougher and stronger in facing the many more years to come with my better half, there would definitely be more challenging encounters in the months and years ahead. But, heck, I'm going to face it all no matter what, InsyaAllah. To my hubby, Congratulations darling, we've come a long way and I love you. To my little heroes, Papa and Mama would always be together for you and be there whenever you need us. Love you all.

'My Best Friend's Wedding'

I know of a friend who got married to her very own best friend. During her wedding reception, on the dining table at the hotel, there was a lovely card entitled 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. Yup, it's her best friend's wedding who is also extremely lucky to be her beloved husband. It was quite a long poem creatively written by her and it was about how they met, became the best of friends and got married to one another after few years. How sweet! That is why I'm dedicating this very song here in my loyal blog to my dear good friend, Fira. LUCKY - JASON MRAZ Do you hear me, I’m talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying Boy I hear you in my dreams I feel your whisper across the sea I keep you with me in my heart You make it easier when life gets hard I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend Lucky to have been where I have been Lucky to be coming home again Ooohh, ooooh, oooh, oooh, Oooh ooh ooh ooh

I Appreciate Her

After I left the company, a good friend of mine left the company too but for a very different reason. It was too personal to blog about but I needed to tell you readers out there about this amazing friend of mine. She's my age with two adorable kids and a loving husband. I got to know her a few months after I joined the company. It was kinda late getting to know her because she was stationed at a different floor at that time. But we exchanged hellos and smiles every now and then. When she was transferred to the same floor with me, we somehow got to know each other better. There were not many colleagues of our age at the office, only 6 of us and we were not that young anyway, the office was full of younger generation, those who had just graduated and fresh. This made me feel closer to her compared to the other colleagues. To tell the truth, she seemed to understand myself better than the others. Age could be the most logical reason. Also, it was because she's the type of pers

I Was Tagged!!!

As I was reading a blog of a good friend of mine, Jellyna, I noticed that I was tagged by her!!! So, to take the challenge, here goes.... Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!! Don't Forget to post it...!! 1. What is your name : Lizamurni 2. four Letter Word : Love 3. A boy's Name : Lutfi 4. A girl's Name : Laila 5. An occupation : Lecturer 6. A color : Lilac 7. Something you'll wear : Loafers 8. A food : Lasagna 9. Something found in the bathroom : Listerine 10. A place : London 11. A reason for being late : Lazy 12. Something you'd shout : Liar!!! 13. A movie title : Layar Lara 14. Some

I Hope...

It's only my second day of being a homemaker and yet I already have my hands full. Yup, there are clothes to be folded, three rooms to clean plus a room to overhaul (haha!), a sink to polish, two business proposals to complete and a book to!!! I'm going to face an extremely hectic week ahead..... BUT, hey, hey, hey, I'm not complaining.....those are all my job now and I'm getting paid for executing them...heheh.... Well, I miss my staff and my friends at the office so much.....and I'm sure I'm going to miss them a lot now....but as I've told them before, they can always find me everywhere on the net - Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Blog...they can even give me a tinkle anytime if they want to....gosh, I hope they miss me too...

I'm A Homemaker

Dear readers, Today is my first official day of being a homemaker. Something which I have looked forward to for years and finally, here I am, ready to play the role of a fulltime wife, mother and daughter. Not that I didn't do any of those things before but now I'm doing all these on fulltime basis without having to share my time with office people, clients, etc, etc..... Am I happy? Of course, in fact, I feel so relieved. Why? Those who are close to me know that I have been in the corporate world for 11 solid years. Some people wouldn't believe the way I worked because I really put all effort in whatever I was doing. I didn't mix personal with professional...personal is personal and professional is professional. I was thankful that I managed to separate these two all this while..... Whenever was given a task, I would definitely put my full thoughts, energy and passion in it until it became a success. There were failures and hiccups along the way, no doubt, but I wou

Today Is My Last Day

Today is my last day at the office. Frankly, up till now, I still haven't finished packing yet....not that there're many things to bring back home, it's just that somehow I feel a bit lazy to start packing. Luckily, I have a diligent staff who's been helping out since morning. Now that it's lunchtime, still there're many things left untouched....gotta wait till after lunch.... I'll update later....

You've Got To Check This Out

While driving during one lovely morning, my inner thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. It was my hubby calling and he sounded excited which was quite unusual of him especially at such hours of the day. Well, being a good and loyal wife, I attentively listened to him. He told me that he had found a new rock ballad from Guns & Roses (GnR)...our favourite.....well, well, now he got my full attention.... It's been quite a while since GnR produced rock ballads after November Rain, Patience and Don't Cry. I've been waiting for more rock ballads from them and now that my hubby found it, I got all goosebumps over me...heheh... Once I reached the office, I practically almost ran to my room and tried to look for the song. But, being a thoughtful hubby, my hubby had already posted the song for me. I turned on the speaker and enjoyed the melodious song especially the piano part. I would definitely play it on my piano... And I'm sure my hubby's quietly dedicating it

Freedom....I Won't Let You Down

I spent my days recently reading other people's blogs. People whom I know and also those whom I do not know at all. That's the beauty of it - blogging makes you explore what other people all around the world think and feel. Many people have their own blogs nowadays. They called it the 'in' thing. I started blogging since 2004. At that time, blog was not too widely-known. I got to know about blog accidentally when I was busy reading an interesting thread in a local forum community. I began exploring and I signed up after being extremely curious about it. I noticed that people treated blogs as their journals or diaries at that time. So, I did the same. My blog was used to pour out my feelings and my opinion on things that I encountered during the day. I blogged everyday back then without fail but as usual, after a while, I began to ignore my blog and only posted entries whenever I felt like it. Now, blogging has become a lifestyle. If you do not blog, you are not updati

This I Love - GnR

And now I don’t know why She wouldn’t say goodbye But then it seems that I Had seen it in her eyes And it might not be wise I’d still have to try With all the love I have inside I can’t deny I just can’t let it die Cause her heart’s just like mine And she holds her pain inside So if you ask me why She wouldn’t say goodbye I know somewhere inside There is a special light Still shining bright And even on the darkest night She can’t deny So if she’s somewhere near me I hope to God she hears me There’s no one else could ever make me feel I’m so alive I hoped she’d never leave me Please God you must believe me I’ve searched the universe and found myself Within her eyes No matter how I try They say it’s all a lie So what’s the use of my Confessions to a crime Of passions that won’t die In my heart So if she’s somewhere near me I hope to God she hears me There’s no one else could ever make me feel I’m so alive I hoped she’d never leave me Please God you must believe me I’ve searched th

In A Hurry...

Dear readers, Sorry for the long silence. Been up and down with so many things in hand and head... I guess this entry would not be long either since I've got to run in a few minutes' time. I know it might be too late to wish everyone Happy Awal Muharram and also Happy New Year 2009 but I want to go ahead with the wishes. I could sense that 2009 would be more challenging and happier. I've made a big decision for the sake of my children and family and I know I've made the right choice ever. I'll blog about this issue soon, I promise. In the meantime, Danish has enrolled in Primary 1 at SK Taman Melawati 2. After the streaming process, he managed to be in the first class out of eight. He is now in Primary 1 Murni. Being an active boy that he is, he often attracts the attention of people around him and after being in school for only 2 weeks, you can only imagine the things that he has created...hahaha....and I'll blog about this soon, too.... Ok, so many things