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Next Year

Hubby had to go outstation on Friday. My eldest son, Danish, asked me about it and the conversation went like this: Danish: Mama, papa outstation berapa hari? Mama: Papa pergi today (Friday) and balik next year. Danish: Ha? Balik next year? Lamanya papa pergi... Mama: A'ah...lama... Danish: Papa balik next year tu bila? Mama: Sunday. Danish: (Confused!!!) Haha, Friday was 30/12/2011 and Sunday was 01/01/2012.

Catch Her!!!!!

Papa's princess. Mama's sweetheart. Abang's darling. Bangah's favourite. Bangcik's little sister.

King Of Fruits

Been wanting to eat the King of Fruits for so long. The problem is, I'm the only lover of it, hubby and kids won't even smell it...:( (pictures below are courtesy of



Rania Soraya Putri binti Rozinor


Interesting Encounter

Hi there, I love blog-hopping. There are a few blogs which I would always read once I've logged on to my computer. Last night when I was busy with my blog-hopping activity, I came across a blog of someone familiar. This person was familiar because I thought I met her at a book carnival recently. When I approached her booth, with a friendly smile, she greeted me. I was looking for this particular book actually, but realised that it was not sold there. This friendly exhibitor suggested that I should try and look at other booths for the book. She also recommended a new book to me. She said that it's worth it and I would not regret buying the book. Guess what? I actually went straight to the booth and grabbed the book that she mentioned. Oh yes! While browsing through the shelves at the booth for interesting bargains, I saw at the corner of my eye that she took a picture of my children with their balloons and all. Hahaha...ada jugak yg berminat kat anak2 i tu ya.. And last nig

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

Gosh! It's been a long while since I last blogged. Anyway, I just have enough time to fill this blog in with a few updates. Yes, what've been happening in the past 7 months since my last entry:- 1) Things and life are going back to normal, slowly, steadily but surely. 2) We had moved to a new place, smaller but comfy. 3) My baby daughter started to walk at 10 month and she is a true princess! 4) Some commitments had been settled. 5) There had been some misunderstandings in the family which I'm sure are going to take some time to be mended. 6) My heroes are all grown-ups now, after being circumsised. 7) 'Banyak perasaan kecil hati terjadi sepanjang 7 bulan ini, sabar je la....' 8) Spent less time reading compared to the previous months. 9) Spent less time cooking too. 10) Spent too much time daydreaming. "Come what may, I'll face it" And I wish for a more challenging and prosperous months ahead.