This is Daud

Let me introduce to you my youngest cheeky son.... He is Muhammad Daud Rayyan bin Rozinor. He is now 7 years old but I have to say that he is a little bit extra matured for his age (haha..). He talks a lot and you'll be amazed at his vocabulary. Maybe because he has talkative mother, brothers and sister. I guess he managed to pick up all the words that he heard along the way and used all of them when he was finally able to talk at 2 years old.  Daud is a generous boy. He told me in the car on the way home from school one day that he gave his friend RM1.00 because his friend didn't have food to eat during recess, and Daud was left with only RM1.00 to splurge at the school canteen. However, Daud didn't mind at all. He confidently said that if he gives one as sadaqah, Allah is going to repay him with ten. Awwww, that's so sweet, wasn't it?  Daud is also a helpful boy. He likes to help me whenever I am in chaos trying to complete the endless housechores while having to

Keep Calm & Be Intelligent

I am at the age where I don't really care about what others are saying about me. I would rather stay calm and be at peace with myself. If I happen to hear people talking about me behind my back, I'll investigate and then I'll choose to just keep silent.                              Weak people revenge                                   Strong people forgive                                   Intelligent people ignore                                        - Albert Einstein - Ya Allah! Thank you for the rezeki today and please guide me through tomorrow. Aamiiinnn....  

It's time to go back!

Today is definitely good news!!!! After about 3 months or so being locked down at home due to the pandemic, the Prime Minister announced that we are now allowed to go anywhere we like as long as it is within the country. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I am extremely happy because this means that I can go back to my parents' house in Kuala Lumpur. I really missed them so much. My father is not well anymore. He can no longer walk and he is getting thinner day by day. I know he is a survivor and he will fiercely fight his illness. My mother is still beautiful as ever and she is amazingly patient taking care of my father. I can't wait to meet them real soon! Ya Allah! Thank you for all the rezeki today and please guide me through tomorrow. Aamiiinnnn....

I Won!!!!!

For your information, entering all sorts of contests has always been my favourite past time. The joy of knowing that I might win something has drawn me into challenging myself by taking part in various competitions. Therefore, about three weeks ago, I entered an online contest organised by Coca-Cola. I sent in two entries and frankly, I didn't put any hope at all because this contest has regular followers all around the world. However, as I checked my email just now, I received a notification announcing that I was one of the winners for both of the contests. Yes, not one but two contests. Yeay!!!!! I won an exclusive limited edition Coca-Cola string bag and Lazada e-vouchers. How could anyone beat that, huh? 😄😄😄 Regardless of what kinds of prizes that I received, it was all worth it! Btw, as I was writing this, my sons were cheering happily on top of their lungs. They had just won Mobile Legend Championship League for this weekend! Congratulations, guys!!! Ya Allah! Thank you so


Cooked kuey teow kungfu for iftar today. I was a first timer at this. Turned out to be not bad. Might give it another try next time around. The Prime Minister announced a few economic incentives to help businesses sustain at least till the end of the year. It was indeed good news since many businesses are facing difficulties during this Movement Control Order. Hopefully, these incentives will assist them in keeping up with the challenges faced during these difficult times. It has been raining for few hours now which makes me feel sleepy already. I need to pen off now. Till then. Ya Allah! Thank you for the rezeki today. Please guide me through tomorrow. Aaminnnn.

Nite Nite

I had a late start this morning. Woke up at almost noon. Started my first day of 'Puasa 6' for Syawal this year. Had my sahoor at 5am and waited for Subuh prayer till 6.30am, then I hit my fluffy pillow. Asked my eldest to prepare lunch for his siblings as I was fasting and didn't have the mood to cook at all. Planned to cook a simple fried bihun or vermicelli for break fast. At 6pm, I cooked my bihun and ate peacefully during Maghrib with my husband and my second son. Spent few hours on the mobile browsing my favourite social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and Youtube. As I am writing this, my eyes are threatening to shut down just like my brain asking me to shut down my computer. That's all for today. Till then. Ya Allah! Thank you for all the rezeki today and please guide me through tomorrow. Aaminnnn...

An update!

I'm in action! Hey there! It's been ages since my last post. So many things have been added to my colourful life experiences. Family, work, travel, friends and food, to name a few, are those happenings which have influenced various decisions or opinions that I have to make along the way. Not forgetting, the few additional inches to my not-so-little-body as well..... My eldest son has completed his secondary school education and is moving on to the next phase of his life. My second son is half way to completing his secondary school education. He is supposed to sit for a big national examination but due to a pandemic, the exam has been cancelled which makes him the happiest 15-year-old boy alive! My third son, who is only one year younger than his older brother, is so much into self-defense that he creates and designs his own Silat moves.  My one and only daughter is slowly growing up and blossoming into a fine young lady. She loves reading and has a huge collection of storybooks

Of Eggs & Specs

"Sometimes the very thing you're looking for, Is the one thing you can't see" Those are my two favourite lines from an evergreen "Save The Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams. The song was a hit years ago, when I was still in my secondary school. My husband asked me out that night. After about two weeks not being alone together with him, I guess he kinda missed the lovey-dovey dating time with me. I said okay and quickly dressed up. After making sure that I had put on my best lipstick, my right hand automatically roamed about for my spectacles. It was not at its usual location. I looked around me but unfortunately, it's no where to be seen. I got panicked because without my specs I would be just like a blind old lady. I tried so hard to recall my last encounter with my beloved specs. I even asked my husband to help me find it. He, too, failed to retrieve my precious gem. We searched high and low. In the kitchen, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms,

Forever Grateful

Today marks the 18th day of Ramadhan. How time flies..... When I was around 8 years old, I felt that fasting during Ramadhan was such a heavy and difficult chore. Time moved too slow and the weather was not friendly either. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of my fasting journey back then. I really looked forward to break fast, sahoor and terawikh prayers. I hardly missed the terawikh prayers which were only available during Ramadhan. My parents made sure that my two brothers and I break fast on time, have our sahoor together and perform our terawikh prayers without fail. I am forever grateful. I cannot thank my parents enough for bringing us up so well. At present, Ramadhan just passes us by. Without realizing it, Aidilfitri is just around the corner. I told my children that when I was about their age, I couldn't wait for Ramadhan to arrive, I looked forward to it. But now, we don't have to wait for Ramadhan, it will quickly come to us and go just like that. We ha

Back On Track

Well, hello there! It's been years since my last entry. Lost my blogging mojo somewhere.... Many had happened in my life....personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally...gosh, the list is endless! When I first started blogging, I only had a son... And now, after 13 years of having a blog, I already have five kids! Four boys and a girl I always, always have my hands full...all the time...what with work, kids, house chores, etc etc. Ok, enough complaining... Few weeks back, a dear friend asked me how do I define 'being successful', when do I consider myself as being successful? I simply answered: "When I have obtained a doctorate degree, then I would consider myself as being successful". But now, as I'm thinking further about it, my answer would be: "I would only consider myself as being successful when my children have become successful themselves". I have to admit that as I am getting older and wiser (ehem!..),