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Bye Bye, My Dear Friend

22 July 2008, Kuala Lumpur The weather was friendly. Traffic in the morning was hectic as usual. Everyone was rushing to get to their destination on time. Parents sending their children to school, employees hurrying to their workplace, employers getting to their office premise as quickly as they could, etc....the list is endless.... At the office I was busy as always, managing the department and making sure that deadlines for the day would be met wisely. In between meetings and heaps of papers, I managed to be at an important meeting on time, well, maybe slightly off time, but still considered on time since the meeting had not started yet. The meeting was about getting the organization to be aired on television and at the same time trying to 'sell' the brand name. All in all, the meeting went well and hopefully we'll be on air before the end of the year. By noon, I was feeling a bit tired. I went out for lunch with a colleague and had a light meal because I already had qu