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I'm already in my 16 weeks of pregnancy. Appetite is not so good. Can't eat rice now. I could eat anything for the past 15 weeks. Tummy is not so bumpy. Body does not get any heavier. Such a different experience this time around.


My first delivery was LSCS which means emergency ceasarian due to foetal distress. It was still early but Danish Muqri seemed too excited to come out and he weighed 3.9kg at that time. Imagine if it was on the exact due date itself!!! How big would he be? My second delivery was with the help of an instrument, a vacuum delivery. Umarizz Darwisy's face was facing down which made it difficult for him to pass through the mysterious canal. With the help of the instrument, he made it at last and he was 3.56kg. My third delivery was a totally normal vaginal delivery without any help from any medication or instrument. Muammar Daim was indeed tolerable and not much of a hassle. It was an easy one. He was 3.32kg. My fourth one? Hmmm....yet to be discovered. I'm hoping for a normal delivery this time. To me, after experiencing all types of deliveries, I still think a normal one is very satisfying. You can feel the hardwork, the difficulties, the messy hormones, etc. that you have gone