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Viva TESL 5!!!

When I logged-in Facebook this morning, I noticed that I've been tagged in a few photos by my good friend, Ina. With a spirit of curiosity, I quickly clicked on her profile and browsed through her photo album. There were about 30 pictures altogether and those were the pictures taken during our college years wayyy back in early 90s. Gosh! Everyone looked so innocent and fresh. Some of them in the pictures were still in touch with me but some seemed to have lost contact totally., didn't we look young and vibrant all those years with nothing much to worry about except perhaps for assignments and exams!!! Looking at the photos I realised that time really flies and I really missed them so much.....We used to laugh together, gossiped with each other, argued with one another and even acted silly in front of others....We were together for 6 solid years,the first 2 years of TESL matriculation and the next 4 years of B.Ed.TESL (Hons)....Our batch (Batch 5) was not that big, onl

Trip to Langkawi Island

Last two weekends, we went to Langkawi Island for my company family day. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights, it was fully sponsored by the company and we travelled by air. The children were excited, apparently, Danish was the one who responded well to the idea of spending a weekend far away from home. I guessed the other two just couldn't be bothered coz they're still small and they just tagged along... The trip started on Friday where we gathered at the office waiting for the airport shuttle to pick us up and drop us at LCCT. The journey to Sepang took approximately an hour and it was not bad. I have to tell you that I don't ride a bus often and to tell the truth, the last time I boarded a bus was five years ago.....hihi... When we arrived at LCCT, I was quite shocked to see the huge crowd and quickly ushered my children to stay close to me and my husband. Well, it's my first time entering LCCT and I could tell you that there were close to one million people aroun

Happy Ramadhan

It's already the third day of Ramadhan and Muslims all over the world are fasting and praying that Ramadhan this year will be a blessed one. The first day of Ramadhan this year marked a very important day for my eldest son, Danish. It's his first time fasting ever and also his first appearance on TV3. Let me tell you about his first fasting experience....He's 6 years old and it's high time that we trained him to fast full day. During sahur, I woke him up gently and to my surprise he sat up without any sound and walked slowly to the dining table. He requested for telur goreng with chilli sauce and plain rice. I had them ready on the table beforehand. He ate silently and didn't even bother to look at me and my husband. After finishing his meal, he quietly switched on the tv and sat down on the sofa. But I guess he was too sleepy to talk or to smile and he dozed off just a few minutes later. However, I managed to remind him to wake up early in the morning to watch hi

Happy 3rd Birthday, Umarizz Darwisy!!! Happy 51st Independence Day, Malaysia!!!

31 August is such a memorable date. It is Malaysia's Independence Day and also my second son's birthday....... Merdeka baby Well, he's 3 now and such a sweetheart to many....He is indeed Atuk's darling, Nenek's sweetpie, Papa's inspiration and Mama's handsome boy......He talks much, extremely energetic and cries a lot too.......At times, he can be a challenge to me....being a middle child (middle child syndrome???), he is no doubt full of tricks and treats....hahaha...I need to handle him carefully because he is very sensitive (emotional-wise) and just a little bit of scold can make him cry for hours......yes, believe me, this son of mine has crying as a hobby..... His Papa often loses temper and patience over his tantrums. I noticed that whenever Darwisy started to whine, Papa would hurry away into his study......hmmmm... There are things which Darwisy often does that certainly melt my heart...such as, before going to sleep at night, he would wish me