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Sixth Day of Ramadhan

Last night my hubby said that I had still not cooked for him Lontong ever since he mentioned about it few months ago...yes, you read that correctly....few months ago... So, I decided to cook Lontong for the sixth day of Ramadhan. Luckily I had all the ingredients in the fridge, therefore, I did not have to waste much time looking for things to accommodate the recipe. I started off with making Nasi Impit in the afternoon. Then, I prepared the 'rempah' for the gravy and thawed the coconut milk. At the same time, I prepared another of my first attempts in making kuih which was Kuih Lopes, also a request from dear hubby. After all the 'rempah' were ready, I started cooking the Lontong complete with its condiments like Sambal Tumis and Serunding Kelapa. When Lontong was safely put aside, I made Kuih Lopes slowly and steadily because there was still so much time to spare before the time to break fast. Since I managed to make quite a few pieces of Kuih Lopes, I asked Danish to

Fifth Day of Ramadhan

For the fifth day of Ramadhan I cooked Chicken Soup+potatoes+carrots and Telur Bistik. I also made Pulut Serunding as requested by my hubby. It's my first attempt making Pulut Serunding but Alhamdulillah, it was not bad at all. Easy to cook and good to eat.... So far, we hadn't bought any food from the Bazaar yet...everything was homemade till this very day. Hopefully, I would have enough energy, time and ideas on what to serve and feed the family throughout the rest of this holy month, insyaAllah.

Fourth Day of Ramadhan

Today is the fourth day of Ramadhan. For break fast, I cooked Sambal Cencaru and Goreng Kobis+Carrot+Tomato. For dessert I made Ondeh-Ondeh or also known as Kuih Buah Melaka or in my hometown, Kuih Kolopong. Danish and I made Fresh Orange Juice where we used four oranges, a spoonful of sugar and three cups of cold water, blended everything in the mixer and it's ready to be consumed by Danish...heheh After eating, Danish had his other portion of 'Lengkong' and he finished it in just a few seconds. You really fancy such simple 'Lengkong', huh, Danish? It's ok, Mama would make more next week for you...

Third Day of Ramadhan

The menu for the third day of Ramadhan was very simple. I only cooked Ikan Bawal Sos Tiram (this is my own recipe, I created the recipe few years back) and Bayam Rebus. For dessert, I made 'Lengkong' or better known as Agar-Agar Merah which was Danish's favourite since small. For half of a packet of Agar-Agar Strip, I managed to make 10 small cups of 'Lengkong', not bad...enough for a few days' portion of dessert for Danish, Darwisy and Daim. At around 11pm, my hubby complained that he felt a little bit hungry. So, since at that time, I was quite busy with my own work, I requested for him to make Roti Gulung Sausage. Although he looked a bit reluctant to do it, he went on cooking the simple bread and voila! the bread looked appetizing enough and he looked rather happy at the end coz his tummy had been filled up adequately..hihi... For sahur, we had the same menu as Buka Puasa but I added Telur Dadar and I made hot drinks for each of us.

Second Day of Ramadhan

Second day of Ramadhan, I went to my parents' place in the morning to help my mom cook some dishes for my sis in-law, my nephew and my niece who just got back home from Abu Dhabi. We cooked Rendang Daging with Pucuk Ubi, Sambal Prawn, Masak Lemak Cili Api Chicken and Corn Pudding. That's quite a lot but it's been almost two years since my mom last cooked for them, I guess I had to give credits to my mom.... So, before going back to my own house, of course I packed everything and when I reached home, I would only need to cook rice...and relax...

First Day of Ramadhan

The first day of Ramadhan went well for my family, Alhamdulillah. Danish was fasting too and he's determined to fast the whole month, insyaAllah. Since it's the first day, so I decided to cook special dishes (at least special for me la...hihi). I made 'karipap sardin', masak lemak cili api chicken with potatoes, fried kangkong and keropok ikan kering Sabah goreng. The chicken was Danish's favourite, therefore, without wasting much time, upon azan, he grabbed his drumstick and poured the gravy till 'banjir''s such an interesting sight watching him breaking fast wholeheartedly. For sahur, we had the same dish plus hot drinks for each of us.

Leaking Tummy?

A conversation between my youngest son, Daim, who is only 34 month-old and me just about 15 minutes after we had our dinner: Daim: Mama, aku lapar la...(he calls himself 'aku' and sometimes 'saya'). Mama: Ha? Daim: Mama, perut aku lapar la...(bending over to me while pressing his tummy with a frown) Mama: We just had our dinner kan? Daim makan 3 pinggan kan? Daim: Mama, aku lapar sikit jer....boleh la Mama...(with a very deep frown) Mama: (speechless)

Hari Raya 2009 Biscuits For Sale

Tart Nenas Mangkuk Istimewa Tart Nenas Gulung Power Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler To my dear readers out there, I have actually started my Hari Raya biscuits business back in 2007. Ever since my first embarkment in the business, I have not looked back and it has been one of the things that I love doing. To tell the truth, I only sell three (3) types of Hari Raya biscuits namely Chocolate Crunch which I renamed it as Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler, Tart Nenas Gulung which I renamed as Tart Nenas Gulung Power and Tart Nenas Mangkuk which I called Tart Nenas Mangkuk Istimewa. Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler has been a big hit since it made its first appearance in 2007. People actually re-ordered many times after they have tasted the first bottle that they bought. I was truly glad and thankful for the great feedback not only for Chocolate Crunch Sedap Giler but from buyers of the other two biscuits as well. Indeed they were satisfied and craving for more....hihi So, come this Hari Raya which is