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Next Year

Hubby had to go outstation on Friday. My eldest son, Danish, asked me about it and the conversation went like this: Danish: Mama, papa outstation berapa hari? Mama: Papa pergi today (Friday) and balik next year. Danish: Ha? Balik next year? Lamanya papa pergi... Mama: A'ah...lama... Danish: Papa balik next year tu bila? Mama: Sunday. Danish: (Confused!!!) Haha, Friday was 30/12/2011 and Sunday was 01/01/2012.

Catch Her!!!!!

Papa's princess. Mama's sweetheart. Abang's darling. Bangah's favourite. Bangcik's little sister.

King Of Fruits

Been wanting to eat the King of Fruits for so long. The problem is, I'm the only lover of it, hubby and kids won't even smell it...:( (pictures below are courtesy of



Rania Soraya Putri binti Rozinor


Interesting Encounter

Hi there, I love blog-hopping. There are a few blogs which I would always read once I've logged on to my computer. Last night when I was busy with my blog-hopping activity, I came across a blog of someone familiar. This person was familiar because I thought I met her at a book carnival recently. When I approached her booth, with a friendly smile, she greeted me. I was looking for this particular book actually, but realised that it was not sold there. This friendly exhibitor suggested that I should try and look at other booths for the book. She also recommended a new book to me. She said that it's worth it and I would not regret buying the book. Guess what? I actually went straight to the booth and grabbed the book that she mentioned. Oh yes! While browsing through the shelves at the booth for interesting bargains, I saw at the corner of my eye that she took a picture of my children with their balloons and all. Hahaha...ada jugak yg berminat kat anak2 i tu ya.. And last nig

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

Gosh! It's been a long while since I last blogged. Anyway, I just have enough time to fill this blog in with a few updates. Yes, what've been happening in the past 7 months since my last entry:- 1) Things and life are going back to normal, slowly, steadily but surely. 2) We had moved to a new place, smaller but comfy. 3) My baby daughter started to walk at 10 month and she is a true princess! 4) Some commitments had been settled. 5) There had been some misunderstandings in the family which I'm sure are going to take some time to be mended. 6) My heroes are all grown-ups now, after being circumsised. 7) 'Banyak perasaan kecil hati terjadi sepanjang 7 bulan ini, sabar je la....' 8) Spent less time reading compared to the previous months. 9) Spent less time cooking too. 10) Spent too much time daydreaming. "Come what may, I'll face it" And I wish for a more challenging and prosperous months ahead.


Alright, this is going to be a short one. This morning I had the most satisfying feeling ever. Nothing can beat this kind of satisfaction that I felt this morning. Not even a rise in your salary. Nor the multiple &%$!#& that you might get during intimate events. Yes, nothing can satisfy me better than during the time when my son appreciated me and thanked me for the food that I prepared for him.

Gats Merens

It had been 13 years since we last met. Last Saturday was the day when we gathered again, well, at least, half of us met again after all these years at a reunion. It was a blast!!!!! I had a really good time catching up on things with my good friends. At first, I wanted to go there alone, without the boys and my baby girl. But, hubby had a last minute thing to settle and I had to bring along my baby. Hubby took the boys with him. I went to the hotel with my best friends, Hazel and Emmi. We took about almost two hours to reach the venue due to massive traffic jam caused by the International Book Fair nearby. It was great meeting all of my course mates. Many had changed, physically...ehem, ehem....some hardly changed at all.....however, everyone looked great.....I'd go into the details later, in the next entry perhaps... I wished I had more time to spend with them. There were still many more stories to tell, many more news to catch up with and many more tears to share.... I lov


Hi there! I went to Penang last week for 6 days. I was there on business but I just had to bring my kids along with me since nobody was available to take care of them here in KL. Well, no problem with that because I would be in peace when they were with me all the time. So, I arranged my time accordingly so that my business meetings would be on schedule and my kids would be attended to as well. The first two nights and three days we stayed at Hydro Hotel which was superb. The room was huge. There was one king-sized bed, a living room consisted of a white large sofa, a coffee table and two wide armchairs. There was also a working table with lamp and leather chair. It was indeed a comfortable room that I enjoyed so much. Oh yes, there were two balconies, one with two pool chairs and a round table, another balcony with two plastic chairs and a square table. My children loved the spacious room that they turned it into a football field during the day!!! The next three nights we stayed at

Sneeze, Anybody?

What's your favourite food? Mine's definitely 'sambal tumis'. I remember when I was about 9 years old, I had nine (9) rounds of rice with sambal tumis ikan bilis. I just loved it! Now, if I'm out of ideas on what to cook, sambal tumis is the first dish that would come to mind. My recipe for sambal tumis is very easy, it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and cook. Blended dried chillies, sliced red onions, tamarind juice, anchovies, salt and sugar to taste. Heat up some cooking oil, fry the anchovies till golden and crispy, put aside. Using the same oil, fry the blended dried chillies till someone in the house sneezes. It shows that the chillies are well-cooked. Put in salt and sugar. Throw in sliced red onions. Pour some tamarind juice. Let it simmer. Mix in the fried anchovies. Stir them together and voila! Ready to be eaten with hot plain rice. Burrppp........It's really worth the sneezing!!!

We Are Together Always

Alright, so far, I've posted two entries for 2011, not bad for a start after taking an extremely long break.... Today, I decided to go to work earlier than usual. From Monday to Thursday, 9am until 1pm, I have lecture gigs to fulfill at one of our local universities. After which, I would rush to my office and would only go back home at night. Some have asked me when is the time that I get to spend with my husband and children? Well, the answer is all the time.... Yes, I meet my husband every day at the office because we run the business together. Yes, I spend time with my children all the time too because I take them with me to the office. If I have meetings, I would ask my clients to come to my office instead of having meetings outside. I always have my appointments at my office too, and so far so good, nobody has complained about such arrangements and they themselves think it is better and more comfortable conducting meetings at my office. My children have been behaving well a

Ku Bersujud - Afghan

Ku menatap dalam kelam Tiada yang bisa ku lihat Selain hanya namaMu, ya Allah Esok ataukah nanti Ampuni semua salahku Lindungi aku dari segala fitnah Kau tempatku meminta Kau beriku bahagia Jadikan aku selamanya HambaMu yang selalu bertakwa Ampuniku ya Allah Yang sering melupakanMu Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu Dalam sunyi aku bersujud Esok ataukah nanti Ampuni semua salahku Lindungi aku dari segala fitnah Kau tempatku meminta Kau beriku bahagia Jadikan aku selamanya HambaMu yang selalu bertakwa Ampuniku ya Allah Yang sering melupakanMu Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu Dalam sunyi aku bersujud Kau tempatku meminta Kau beriku bahagia Jadikan aku selamanya HambaMu yang selalu bertakwa Ampuniku ya Allah Yang sering melupakanMu Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu Dalam sunyi aku bersujud Padamu

I'm Back!!!

Yes, yes, I know I've been missing from the blogging world for such a looooonnnggg time.....well, it was due to the usual typical reason - busy as a bee.... What makes me get back my blogging mojo? Answer: people!!!!! I have been running an academy and a management office for eight months now. I can proudly say that they are exclusively mine and I have my every blood, heart and soul in them. And not to forget, my money too!!!!! Whatever I have saved up, whatever I have in-hand and whatever I have in trusts have been invested in the business. You are not wrong if you say I have become poor now because of the business. BUT, do you realise that because of the business too I will become one of the richest ladies in not-so-many years to come? (Aminn.....InsyaAllah) AND when that happens, don't tell me that you wouldn't be one of the many people who would come running for my help? (ok, obviously this is a personal luahan hati ku to particular individuals). Well, it frustrates