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Sunday Encounters

Ever since Jom Heboh TV3 made its debut a few years ago, I didn't bother to go and have a visit at what the event had to offer. However, last Sunday, I made my first ever appearance at Jom Heboh TV3 at Bukit Jalil. At first, I planned to go with my eldest in the morning but at the very last minute, my other half wanted to tag along. But we decided that it's best if we could drop by my parents' and 'tumpang' my other two little heroes there. Luckily, my parents were available and off we went. The junction to Bukit Jalil National Stadium was jam-packed by the time we arrived. Anyhow, we managed to park the car at the parking lot nearby. The weather was not bad and it's not too hot. There were many canopies around with many goods on sale. I went to Lady's Choice canopy and bought a bag of goodies which consists of a big bottle of peanut butter, original mayonnaise, cubes of tomyam paste, cubes of chicken stocks and a piece of tupperware. Everything in with only

Danish Muqri Made It!!!!

As I have mentioned earlier, Danish went for an audition of Tom Tom Bak few weeks ago. Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from Astro congratulating me because Danish had passed the audition. I was happy, of course, knowing for a fact that Danish would certainly grin from ear to ear when I passed down this piece of good news to him. I straight away called home and too bad Danish was sleeping. So, I told my father instead about the news and he promised that he would tell Danish once he woke up. When I got home later in the evening, I quickly told Danish about it and as usual (I should have expected it!!!), his expression was expressionless!!!! He nodded as if the news didn't matter much to him...well, that's my boy, ladies and gentlemen...Danish with his 'as-if-nothing-happens' attitude...hihi.. The details of the next step are: 16 December 2008 at 2:00pm, fitting baju at Astro 27 December 2008 at 2:00pm, shooting at Wisma Ali Bawal, PJ The staff told me that Az


For the past three days I was suffering from a bad pain somewhere in between my cervix and bikini line. Whenever I walked, the pain throbbed and at times, I had to topple while walking. At the office yesterday morning, the pain was getting worse, and I decided to go and see my gynae. I took the time off from office and I thought since the doctor was an extremely busy gynae, it's better if I gave the clinic a call first. When I called, the nurse mentioned that there were way too many patients waiting and she couldn't slot me in. Alright then, I guess I'd have to make do with another doctor who was not a specialist at a different clinic. My hubby waited for me and we went to the clinic together. I described my pain to her and she asked me to lie down for an ultrasound scanning. She kept on pressing the device on my over-bloated tummy (after 3 kids, what do you expect? hihi) trying to locate if there's anything weird inside... She was trying hard to see and I was trying ha

I Didn't Ask......

The moment I got into my car this morning, my mind drifted away back to the times when everything was colourful and cheerful. Various images played in front of me...happy moments, unforgettable gestures, loving gazes, etc appeared as if playing a movie in my eyes..... My heart was beating fast and I knew I was not concentrating on my driving because I just couldn't focus. My chest felt tight and heavy and tears threatened to fall down. Crying was my best friend nowadays, that's the only source of escape which I knew would make me feel better for a while. Upon reaching the office, I had to literally drag my feet and body to climb up the stairs and unlock my room. I had nice big glass window panels in my room and the view was quite breathtaking, I could see greens and people rushing to get to work on time. I just stood there looking outside silently and wishing that things would be back to normal soon. It has got to be just like how it was before. I tried my best to put aside my

Perfect? I Wish.....

Ayat-Ayat Cinta : Rossa Desir pasir di padang tandus Segersang pemikiran hati Terkisah ku di antara cinta yang rumit Bila keyakinan ku datang Kasih bukan sekadar cinta Pengorbanan cinta yang agung Ku pertaruhkan Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita Cinta ku pada mu Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama Namun harus ku tinggalkan cinta Ketika ku bersujud We’ve been married for seven years now. There have been countless ups and downs that we have braved through. As some friends had said, we were the perfect couple. However, lately, things had not been too good. Everything was arguable and there’d been times when our voices could compete with the lightning and thunder high up in the sky. Frankly, this year was the most challenging so far in the seven years we’ve been together. And this year has seen many drastic changes in the life cycle of our marriage. Life ha

Good Luck, Danish Muqri!!

Last Saturday I took Danish to Astro for an audition. He's been asking me to take him there because he said that there was an audition for kids' programme called 'Tom Tom Bak'. Personally, I don't quite favour some of the segments in the show except for one where kids were asked to talk about any topics with the compere - Aznil Hj Nawawi. When Danish mentioned about this audition, deep down inside, I wished that he would just leave it as it is. But he kept on boasting to everyone that he's meeting Uncle Aznil on Saturday. Gosh!!!! Yup, being a good mother, I had no choice but to oblige.... So, there we were, at the entrance of, there were many people and kids around. I wondered if Danish ever got a chance to register. Well, we herded through the crowd and managed to get to the registration counter. I quickly filled up the form and the staff gave Danish number 216. I found out that there were about 25 kids ahead of us and we had to wait for the crew

'Gelora Di Hati Sarah'

Last night was the first episode of a Malay drama entitled 'Gelora Di Hati Sarah' on RTM1. The main casts were Fauziah Latiff, Rosyam Nor, Datuk Rahim Razali, Aida Rahim and Liza Othman. I came across a write-up on this drama in one of the local newspapers the day before and what caught my interest to watch it was of course Fauziah Latiff... Fauziah Latiff is a singer and although I might not be her biggest fan but I kinda grew up listening to her songs since I was in primary school. Her songs are mostly pop ballads and amongst my favourites are Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu, Setia Ku Korbankan, Enggan and many others. Those were the times when I was in melancholic mood and these songs became my comfort... I also watched her in theatre - Rubiah - few years back where she acted as the lead role in the play. Not bad at all and I could still remember vividly the act where she had to recite the Quran and her voice was so soft and sweet. Ok, Fauziah Latiff might not known as a star in

Hey you! Leave my people alone la...

Have you ever encountered such people who are just so narrow-minded that you feel like wiping them off in a blink? I have to face such people all the time (only during office hours)..... Why must they crack their heads thinking of something to say to me just to make me change my mind or decision? Could they be thinking that I would follow and do whatever they want or could they be doing it just because they are jealous of me? I know that I have all the attention here at the office since I chaired lots and lots of meetings and committees (compared to others)....Maybe they want to take over my place...go ahead, sit there and you'll vomit in a sec.... To tell the truth, sitting here at my position in this department is definitely not easy. It's tough and it drains you to the bone......only those who are strong mentally, physically and emotionally could handle and manage the department well. I'm not boasting here, I'm telling the truth!! I have and had tough, difficult and

Danish Muqri's Birthday Cupcakes

Last 8 November was Danish's 6th Birthday. We organised a small party at his classroom in school. When I entered the classroom with two boxes of cakes, Danish had all smiles....I even brought party packs for his classmates to enjoy....I specifically ordered cupcakes from my good friend with Transformers as the pictures on each cupcake. Danish loves Transformers so much, so, I thought, well, why not? And my friend was so kind enough to design the special cupcakes. Danish, of course, was smiling from ear to ear and his friends went ooohhh, aaahhhh and wowww all the way...hihihi...

My Graduate Son

Dear Readers, Sorry for the long silence.....too many things to look after and manage, just happened, I guess. There are so many stories and issues that I want to share here in my precious blog and I'll update one by one when the time permits. Well, my eldest son, Danish Muqri graduated from Q-Dees on 1st November 2008. All of us (including his grandparents) went to the concert cum graduation ceremony of his kindy. His performance was a traditional zapin dance - Cindai, a song by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. He's been practising for about two months or so at school plus at home too. I was his unofficial choreographer at home and he was a fast learner I might say. On the day of the concert, we sent him to school and there were 3 buses waiting for the kids. We left him there and headed on to the hall. The auditorium was about 20 minutes away. When we arrived there, I saw my parents sitting at a corner waiting anxiously for their grandchildren. About half an hour later, the

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all... I'll be back blogging much to blog about....

Viva TESL 5!!!

When I logged-in Facebook this morning, I noticed that I've been tagged in a few photos by my good friend, Ina. With a spirit of curiosity, I quickly clicked on her profile and browsed through her photo album. There were about 30 pictures altogether and those were the pictures taken during our college years wayyy back in early 90s. Gosh! Everyone looked so innocent and fresh. Some of them in the pictures were still in touch with me but some seemed to have lost contact totally., didn't we look young and vibrant all those years with nothing much to worry about except perhaps for assignments and exams!!! Looking at the photos I realised that time really flies and I really missed them so much.....We used to laugh together, gossiped with each other, argued with one another and even acted silly in front of others....We were together for 6 solid years,the first 2 years of TESL matriculation and the next 4 years of B.Ed.TESL (Hons)....Our batch (Batch 5) was not that big, only

Trip to Langkawi Island

Last two weekends, we went to Langkawi Island for my company family day. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights, it was fully sponsored by the company and we travelled by air. The children were excited, apparently, Danish was the one who responded well to the idea of spending a weekend far away from home. I guessed the other two just couldn't be bothered coz they're still small and they just tagged along... The trip started on Friday where we gathered at the office waiting for the airport shuttle to pick us up and drop us at LCCT. The journey to Sepang took approximately an hour and it was not bad. I have to tell you that I don't ride a bus often and to tell the truth, the last time I boarded a bus was five years ago.....hihi... When we arrived at LCCT, I was quite shocked to see the huge crowd and quickly ushered my children to stay close to me and my husband. Well, it's my first time entering LCCT and I could tell you that there were close to one million people around.

Happy Ramadhan

It's already the third day of Ramadhan and Muslims all over the world are fasting and praying that Ramadhan this year will be a blessed one. The first day of Ramadhan this year marked a very important day for my eldest son, Danish. It's his first time fasting ever and also his first appearance on TV3. Let me tell you about his first fasting experience....He's 6 years old and it's high time that we trained him to fast full day. During sahur, I woke him up gently and to my surprise he sat up without any sound and walked slowly to the dining table. He requested for telur goreng with chilli sauce and plain rice. I had them ready on the table beforehand. He ate silently and didn't even bother to look at me and my husband. After finishing his meal, he quietly switched on the tv and sat down on the sofa. But I guess he was too sleepy to talk or to smile and he dozed off just a few minutes later. However, I managed to remind him to wake up early in the morning to watch his

Happy 3rd Birthday, Umarizz Darwisy!!! Happy 51st Independence Day, Malaysia!!!

31 August is such a memorable date. It is Malaysia's Independence Day and also my second son's birthday....... Merdeka baby Well, he's 3 now and such a sweetheart to many....He is indeed Atuk's darling, Nenek's sweetpie, Papa's inspiration and Mama's handsome boy......He talks much, extremely energetic and cries a lot too.......At times, he can be a challenge to me....being a middle child (middle child syndrome???), he is no doubt full of tricks and treats....hahaha...I need to handle him carefully because he is very sensitive (emotional-wise) and just a little bit of scold can make him cry for hours......yes, believe me, this son of mine has crying as a hobby..... His Papa often loses temper and patience over his tantrums. I noticed that whenever Darwisy started to whine, Papa would hurry away into his study......hmmmm... There are things which Darwisy often does that certainly melt my heart...such as, before going to sleep at night, he would wish me...&quo

Bye Bye, My Dear Friend

22 July 2008, Kuala Lumpur The weather was friendly. Traffic in the morning was hectic as usual. Everyone was rushing to get to their destination on time. Parents sending their children to school, employees hurrying to their workplace, employers getting to their office premise as quickly as they could, etc....the list is endless.... At the office I was busy as always, managing the department and making sure that deadlines for the day would be met wisely. In between meetings and heaps of papers, I managed to be at an important meeting on time, well, maybe slightly off time, but still considered on time since the meeting had not started yet. The meeting was about getting the organization to be aired on television and at the same time trying to 'sell' the brand name. All in all, the meeting went well and hopefully we'll be on air before the end of the year. By noon, I was feeling a bit tired. I went out for lunch with a colleague and had a light meal because I already had quit

Catch Danish on TV3

My weekends are fully occupied nowadays. No more waking up late and no more lazying around... It's definitely because of my eldest son, Danish Muqri. Last three Thursdays, one of my staff asked me if I would be interested to have Danish auditioned for a new kid show on TV3. His wife was the compere of the show and the producer seemed to be desperate for talent. So, late Saturday morning that same week, we went to Studio C, TV3 and there were about 5 kids at the set and I thought we were late. Then, the assistant producer came over and asked Danish to sit near the compere. My dear son was a bit reluctant at first and once the audition began, I could see that he was enjoying himself. That was the group audition. Now, came the individual interview. The compere asked Danish about himself, his favourite pet (the title of the show - "Haiwan Teladan"), etc. Danish mentioned that his favourite animal was snake. The compere then asked questions related to snake and when she asked

Happy Birthday!!!

It's hubby's birthday today - 16 July. Last week I planned to take today off and spend it with my other half. But I supposed my work overshadowed the thought that until yesterday I still hadn't filled in the leave form. I guess it's too late now but hey, it's the thought that counts.... I have to tell you that I never failed to take leaves on my hubby's birthdays. I'm beginning to feel bad about this since this is the first time in years that I do not take the day off. How should I make it up to him? Perhaps, I'll take half-day off tomorrow and spend time with him by going to the movies..he's been hinting about the latest Batman movie - The Dark Knight -.....yup, that's the best option so far....I just hope that he's okay with the idea, well, he's been okay all these years, there shouldn't be any reasons why this time he should say that it's not okay...haha... Before I sign off, I would like to wish him Happy Birthday and I highly