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My Best Kept Secret

It's been almost one month since I last blogged. Indeed I was busy like anything, so many things to do and so many missions to be accomplished.... There are many things and issues that I would like to blog about. Well, let's see...hmmm....why don't I start with my reading issue? Okay, if you have been following my blog, you'd know that I have an issue with reading. Reading is my hobby since young.....but with three heroes around, I found it extremely difficult to make the time to read anything at all..... However, now, I am proud to say that for the past two and a half months (I started on 26th January 2009), I have managed to read five novels and I am currently reading my sixth!!!! Is that an achievement or what? I, myself, was shocked to discover that I have read five books within three months....How did I manage to do that? Actually, it took my whole willpower to start on a book and somehow I couldn't stop since then. I could still remember clearly what Arwah She