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Danish in Tom Tom Bak

Wow, it has been quite some time since I last wrote....sampai ada yang komplen blog ni tak update...hihihihi.... There are so many reasons as to why I haven't been updating this precious blog of mine... One of it is that my notebook went kaput....all my documents have gone with the wind, important documents, photos and even documents which are a matter of life and death have also disappeared.....sob..sob...If I need to surf the net, facebooking or blogging, I'll have to use my hubby's notebook now and frankly, I don't get that much, that's one concrete reason for not updating this blog so much... Alright, I would like to remind my readers out there to watch Tom Tom Bak on Astro Ceria every Sunday starting from this Sunday - 31 May 2009 at 12 pm.....As I have mentioned before, Danish is one of the talents for Jom Borak segment with Aznil in this programme. However, I do not know which episode would Danish be in, so we'll have to watch ev

Tomok - The One In A Million

I've been a follower of some reality shows on our local tv channels. To me, some of these shows are indeed entertaining and somehow they can be a real eye-opener. Watching the contestants being challenged and commented all the time makes me wonder if they could actually endure such stressful and tensed moments. Their mental power must be strong to swallow everything calmly and peacefully. But only God knows what's been playing in their mind at that time and how their hearts must have been broken upon hearing such nasty and cruel comments....oh well, that's the part and parcel of being a reality tv show participant...i guess they just have to go through everything until the end...they have no choice, haven't they? Just now, I watched One In A Million Season 3. I've been a follower not from the beginning but since I watched Tomok sang 'Ingin Bersamamu' a few weeks ago. He really swept me off my seat watching him rendering the song smoothly in his own unique s