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Camner Ek?

As the readers of my humble blog would notice, I always write in English. But this time around, I would like to write in my mother tongue which is Bahasa Malaysia. Why? The reason is because I think what I'll be expressing later on would sound better in BM (just like Myra, arwah Shera's sis-in-law..hihihi). Ok here goes... Kalau seorang pompuan tu perut dia buncit, dia mmg kena tgh pregnant ker? Asal perut buncit jer, pregnant la tuh....ada ke camtu? I was quite 'bengang' bila orang yang agak dah lama tak jumpa aku, mesti dia akan tanya whether aku ni pregnant ker. Aku tau la perut aku buncit, but does that mean aku pregnant memanjang? Orang tu tau tak yg kalau pompuan dah dekat nak datang bulan, perut dia akan bloated? Or orang tu tau tak kalau pompuan yang dah beranak tiga mmg perut dia akan nampak agak tak kempis lagi? Or orang tu tau tak kalau pompuan tu perut buncit ada kemungkinan dia tgh menderita ketumbuhan fibroid kat dlm rahim dia tuh? Aku mmg sensitif be

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

At last, the night that we had been waiting for had finally arrived. The night when we would be the first amongst the Malaysians to watch 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen'. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, hubby and I were keeping this a secret from Danish. So, when I was dropping him off at his school in the afternoon, I told him to straight away wait for me at the guardhouse after school, no stopping at the canteen or at the ice-cream man. Obviously, he was curious. I told him that we were going somewhere later. So, as expected, I saw Danish straight away headed towards the guardhouse after the bell rang. I quickly ushered him to the car and asked him to take a shower and get dressed once we reached home. Then, at 8pm, we hurried off to the cinema in Ampang because our show was scheduled at 8.30pm. In the car, Danish kept on asking where were we heading to. I kept quiet and it's up to hubby to answer. Well, I guess, my hubby himself couldn't contain the sus

A Secret

Two days after watching 'Drag Me To Hell', we went to watch 'Angels & Demons'. Quite a heavy drama but not bad at all. I've never missed Tom Hanks's movies so far. I like his cool acting and this movie proves that Tom Hanks can still act. Well, the ending is quite unpredictable too. If you were to watch this movie, watch it with open minds because there are some sensitive dialogues (in my opinion, at least) that might offend some people, that much I can say... How come we have so much time watching movies at times when other people are busy working at their workplace? Hahaha...that's the beauty of working on our own, self-employed, where you manage your own time and job and still become successful at the same time...InsyaAllah and Alhamdulillah... Oh yes, I almost forgot! While buying the movie tickets, hubby noticed that there would be a sneak screening of 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen' a day before the daily shows....yup, hubby didn&#

There Goes My Popcorn

Last two weeks, my hubby and I went to watch 'Drag Me To Hell'. We went to our favourite cinema in Ampang, just the two of us. We left the twins at the babysitter's and Danish was safely in school. Hubby really wanted to watch this movie and I, for one, was not too keen in watching horror movies because I would normally have nightmares afterwards (seriously!!!). But, for the sake of 'dating', I braved it through. Well, frankly, I was indeed scared and couldn't sit still. At the same time, I was munching the creamy popcorn and closing my eyes with my hands on and off....I was practically peeping through my fingers...hihi...Once, I was so terrified that I literally jumped out of my seat with my popcorn thrown away all over the place....hahahaha....that shows, huh? Overall, it's not a bad movie, kind of unpredictable towards the end...I like the ending..and Alhamdullillah, I didn't have nightmares that night, too old for that already, I guess?

It's Back In Town!!!

Yes, I've been waiting for this for nearly over a year now. I'm sure many of you out there have tasted the goodness of this healthy rice. It is indeed healthy compared to other types of rice because I could feel the difference between them (in my humble opinion, at least...) Before consuming Herba Ponni Taj Mahal, we had the normal Super Tempatan rice for our daily meals. Not to say that Super Tempatan rice is not good, it is good as well but Herba Ponni Taj Mahal makes you feel healthier and slimmer (heheh). During the time when the price of rice went uphill, this special rice seemed to disappear from the market. I was told that because of its high price, the production was too expensive to endure for the time being. My family and I had been eating the rice for years by then. So, when the healthy rice was not being sold anymore, we had to go back to the Super Tempatan rice. Everytime I did my marketing, I would often look out for Herba Ponni. I also wished that it would be