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My 2009

It might sound too late to do this but I just feel like doing it. After almost one month moving into 2010, I suddenly had the images of things that I liked, enjoyed, hated, etc in 2009. The list is endless indeed but these are among the things that I wish to share with you. Favourite English movie: Transformers - Revenge of The Fallen Favourite Malay movie: Talentime Favourite English song: This I Love (Guns N Roses) Favourite Malay song: Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna) Favourite singer: Akim (hahahaha....yeah, go ahead and laugh...) Favourite TV drama: Nur Kasih Favourite animation: Upin Ipin Favourite book: Shopaholic series Favourite magazine: Wanita - March 2009 Favourite hangout: JJ AU2 Favourite day: The first day of being a homemaker (16/02/09) Favourite moment: Getting a huge cheque in June Favourite event: Gerak Usahawan at PWTC Favourite product: One Drop Perfume Favourite gadget: MacBook Pro Favourite quote: Money is not everything but everything needs money (my own) Things that I d