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Toughest Job In The World

WINNING WAYS by Datin T.D. Ampikaipakan WE ARE pleased to offer you the position of mother . This position does not require a biological disposition. Giving birth is the least reason for someone to become a mother. The job is a permanent position with no probationary tenure of service. Once you accept the position, you cannot leave, abdicate or relinquish your duties. If you are tempted to take on the role as mother and later decide that it is not your calling, the consequences can be heart-wrenching! JOB SPECIFICATIONS This is the toughest job in the world. Below are your subsidiary titles and the skills you have to learn: Maid – perform all jobs (including cleaning of unmentionables) required of a caregiver as well as be the most automated appliance in the household. Cook – be creative and innovative in the production of meals at any time required by the children. Enforcing time management scheme may work but it is optional. Marketing Manager – be able to buy whatever is r

5 years and more....

It has been a great and fantastic 5 years going through the marriage life... I have to admit that the past five years were indeed challenging and full of ups and downs...we were in the process of getting to know each other well and trying hard to digest, discover and understand each other's true colours!!!! ....we are still learning now....there's always something new to find out and learn about the other half...sometimes you feel as if you don't even know him at all!!!! but, I have learnt to accept the salt and pepper of life which undoubtedly has made me a better person in general and a tolerable wife in particular. People always say that the first five years are the sweetest and happiest moments....going into the 5th year and above is the time when you would start feeling the responsibilities and burdens on both shoulders and the real challenge is yet to be discovered then... Come what may, i'll face it...... Happy Anniversary, darling! Thank you for your patien