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Since I work from home, I have my own SOHO at home. My small office home office concept is just a little corner of the living room. Let's look at the following conversation between my sons (Darwisy, 4, Daim, 3 and I): Darwisy: Kenapa Mama pakai lipstick? Mama: Eh, Mama nak pegi work la.. Daim: Ha? Work? Mama: Yup, I'm going to my office to work... Darwisy: Mama pakai lipstick nak pegi work? Kat mana? Daim: Tuuuuuu....(pointing to my SOHO) Mama: (speechless)

A & B

A & B were best of friends. They had been friends for as long as they could remember. They shared many things together. They had seen the best and the worst of one another. They both felt their ups and downs with each other. When A was feeling terribly down, B would cheer A up. When B was having a really hard time, A was there to calm B down. Years passed by without noticed. A & B had become quite distant from each other. It could be due to the distance between them (they lived far away from each other after both got married) or it could simply be because of 'something that had happened' somewhere along the line when they were still communicating well with each other. Something that really broke A's heart and B was heart-broken too. A was busy with work and B was struggling in business. Both had been thinking of each other all the time all this while. Although both were not keen to make the first move to say hello again, both were wishing that things would be fine


I was blog-hopping last night when I came across my ex-colleague's blog here . In her latest entry, she wrote about her blog being reviewed by another ex-colleague, Jogger , whom she hadn't met for quite some time. When we were working at the same place, Jogger was my next-seat neighbour. At first, he was quite reserved but as I got to know him, he was not bad, quite a cool chap. He's easy to talk to and I could discuss many things with him, be it the current issues, women issues or anything that we felt like discussing. He's almost like a brother to me. In fact, he's of the same age as my own younger brother. I guess that explains how we could get along well with each other. Oh yes, he played paintball at that time and good at it. I wonder if he still plays it now. After I left the company, we didn't keep in touch. Therefore, I didn't know his progress in life, whether he had gotten married, his whereabout and also what he's doing now. So, when I cam

I Am A Work-From-Home Mom

I've been neglecting my blog, yes, I know.... Those who know what I'm doing professionally or even personally would understand how busy I could be at times. Well, to tell the truth, being a loving mother to three active heroes who are growing up too quickly, being an understanding wife to an extremely busy filmmaker, being an obedient daughter to wonderful parents, being this and being, just being me at this rate really takes up the full 24 hours a day to the max!!! But, I'm not here to complain. I'm writing diligently today to say that I'm truly blessed with a healthy body, a clear mind and a full source of energy, Alhamdulillah. Although I'm not working fulltime at the office anymore, I'm still working fulltime at home. Yes, I'm not a housewife. I am a work-from-home mom. On top of all the housechores that you could think of, I have my own professional work that I have to attend to at home too. I do translations, editing and proofrea