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Happy 2nd Birthday, Danish Muqri!!!

It's been quite some time since I've entered this blog. So much has happened since then... 08/11/04 Happy 2nd Birthday, Danish Muqri!!!! It's my son's second birthday. We had a mini celebration at my parents' place. It never occurred to me that my son is not fond of candles and a huge cake. The moment the candles were lit up, he ran behind me and hid himself. Everybody started singing the birthday song and he still did not bother to join in...but, I could hear him whispering the birthday song behind my back. Aha, you can run but you can never hide from Mama, darling......hihi... I have a teeny-weeny wish for you, my little one..... I hope you will always feel that you are extremely important to us no matter what. Mama and Papa will love you indefinitely and be there for you through good and bad times...I promise... "Come what may, I'll face it!"

I feel good

I have a piece of good news to share..... I went to see Dr Ashar, my gynaecologist, at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital recently. Well, looks like I'm seeing him too frequent this year, due to the two miscarriages and a suspected fybroid. But now I can happily and gratefully say that the depressing and exhausting episode in my life has finally come to an end. I am free from those year-long nail-biting experiences of waiting for the heavy bleeding to stop, blood test results and ultra-sound images. Alhamdulillah.. All these have made me stronger and more mature in the way I perceive and appreciate life. And I feel much healthier indeed... Thank you to the two most supportive and loving men in my understanding husband and my adorable son...I can't imagine my life without both of complete me.....

Selamat berpuasa.....

Happy Fasting to everybody... May Allah bless us all.....

I Will Survive

Hello blog, Here I am again, ready to pour my heart out as another challenging day comes to its end. Today I feel a little bit weaker.....the headache does not seem to go away, my body feels as if it's about to give away any second....I really got to do something to gain the energy back.... I could only think of one factor that might contribute to my present growing fibroid....yup, since its presence, my life has been a little haywire.....I haven't stop bleeding for almost four months's making me weaker and weaker as the day passes by... Nobody seems to notice what I'm going through, because, as much as possible, I'll try not to make those around me worry unnecessarily. Let me shoulder the burden and pain, they have enough problems of their own, mine would be exclusively mine to keep.... I have to be strong, no matter what happens, for my adorable son, for my loving husband and for my supportive family.... I've got all my l

Vote For Jac

I've been a follower of Malaysian Idol since day one. Just an hour ago, the grand finale was shown live over 8TV and TV3. It was awesome. Jac was awesome. She's got this 'style' that has captured my attention since the night that she sang 'Keliru'. And, watching her just now, wow, she's definitely a star.....the way she delivered her songs, it was like she owned the audience and she knew what she sang about as each word was articulated amazingly well..... When she sang her final number, Gemilang, it touched my heart and it left me smiling at the end of the song, thinking that she's going to make it as the first Malaysian Idol. And I'll definitely vote for her.....

what the heck was that?

Looking down the memory lane, I definitely treasure so many things that had happened in my life. Be it sweet, bitter, nostalgic, hatred, painful, unforgettable...the list can go on and on.... Such events made me stronger mentally, emotionally and perhaps, physically..... Such events also made me weaker and helpless in certain aspects..... But, who am I to complain so much about things that actually made me is too's up to me to enjoy and live it to the max... The best things in life are free......I've always believed in that..... Love is is the best thing that could have happened to anyone..... Friendship is do not have to pay a dime in order to have a best friend..... Well.....all said and done, I still wonder what the heck was I thinking and writing about? Mental block is the worst thing that I have's torturing and mind-boggling..... o-oh...not another one, not in this blog, please.... ???


I was in dead-end thinking about what to cook for the day. Suddenly, an idea strucked my mind and I created this delicious recipe. Feel free to try it out... Ayam Goreng Dikny In Da House Bahan-bahan: 2 sudu besar jintan manis 2 sudu besar jintan putih 2 sudu besar lada hitam 2 sudu besar serbuk lada putih 2 biji telur 2 cawan tepung gandum 1/2 ekor ayam (potong ikut suka) Garam secukup rasa Minyak masak Cara: 1. Pecahkan telur dan asingkan. 2. Tumbuk hingga lumat jintan manis, jintan putih dan lada hitam. 3. Gaulkan bahan yang telah ditumbuk bersama serbuk lada putih, garam dan tepung sehingga sebati. 4. Panaskan minyak. 5. Celup ayam dalam telur hingga rata. 6. Gaulkan ayam itu dalam bancuhan tepung tadi hingga betul-betul melekat. 7. Goreng hingga garing.

Of cola and tiramisu

Time and tide waits for no man. Simple, yet deep in meaning. I'm sure that each and everyone of us has a different perception towards this ever-famous idiom. For me, I take it as a challenge that I have to face everyday. My role as a wife, a homemaker, a mother and a student is indeed begging for more time in order to have everything goes on smoothly. I am not perfect, nobody is, as a matter of fact, and sometimes I really hope that those around me would very much understand what I have to go through everyday to ensure that housechores are well taken care of, the baby is well-fed, my assignments are looked through....the list is endless... I am not asking for too much, just a little bit of understanding and patience....and I am easy to please.....a can of coca-cola and a piece of tiramisu would definitely do the trick ;) "Come what may, I'll face it!"


I was relieved after being extremely hectic for this past week. 3 assignments were due plus a presentation plus double tests ...phew...indeed they took the time and air out of me until I was breathless. But, hey, that's the joy of being a student, a Masters one, I might add, full of ups and downs and getting on the nerves, which are waaayyyyssss different from being an undergraduate student, oh yes, I can assure you of that. To quote one of my professors, "This is a Masters level, you people can't be doing things and thinking like an undergraduate. Your responsibility is much more are not only responsible towards also have a role to serve the society as well..." Well, so much of being a Masters student, huh.. Anyway, the euphoria of finally managing to complete and submit all the time-consuming assignments does not linger for too long.... Yup, the FINALS are just around the corner!!!! Another avalance on the way?????

Welcome aboard!!!

Hi.... Got curious about this thing and created one immediately.... Just the perfect place to pour my heart out at the end of each day of the year... I will share my thoughts, feelings and anything that crosses my mind in here... Alright. Be right back 2moro. "Come what may, I'll face it!!!"