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I'm Just An Ordinary Woman

My work demands myself to have all sorts of soft skills available. These include good communication skill, well-balanced emotion, strong mental power and adventurous. I deal with all sorts of people almost everyday. People whom I never met before and also people whom I'm familiar with. Being in this department, I have to communicate with people from all over the world (at least, the major parts of the world, if not all....). The way I communicate with these people also plays a big part. If I say the wrong words, I might lose the possibility of engaging a good deal or contract for the organisation.....That's the most vital and critical part of being me and sitting in my position. Yesterday, delegates from Nepal visited the organisation. They had been dealing and communicating with me for almost a month before the visit. So, when they came over yesterday, my staff and I were ready to welcome them (this happens all the time whenever visitors came over for a visit). They were taken


Last Saturday, 14 June 2008, was the day that tested my ability and capability of managing the biggest event for my organisation. It was the 19th Certificate and Executive Diploma Presentation Ceremony (Majlis Penyampaian Sijil dan Diploma Eksekutif UMCCed kali ke-19). Let me brief you on the background of this entry. Last year I was promoted as the manager of International Training & Event Management Department (ITEM). From the name of the department, it shows the scope of areas that I have to manage. Frankly speaking, never in my life had I managed or organised any event for that matter. This year I was given the sole responsibility to manage the biggest event for the organisation. Preparation started 6 months before the actual date of the event. There were many things to consider. There were also things used to be done before but which I wanted to be different this time around. There were many people whom I had to liase with, many different departments and suppliers that I had t

Full Tank, Anybody?

Something caused a roar to the nation late yesterday afternoon. PM announced that fuel price has risen up to 78 sen more which means the price now is RM2.70 per litre. What? Another increase within only one year? What is happening to the country? What could be worse than the problem of food shortage and now, fuel price on the rise? Day by day the cost of living keeps on increasing... and we seem like helpless and hopeless trying to make it through this ever challenging and expensive lifestyle in the metropolitan city. I'm sure every bread winner of the family feels the burden and the budget tightening up their throats.....the Government must do something to compensate whatever that they have done to the people out there..... Trust me, I don't think anybody is happy with the situation.....if someone is, then, he/she must be crazy or just plain ignorant, someone without feelings......does that someone exist? I wonder......

It's Reading Time

A good friend of mine recommended the Shopaholics series to me. To tell the truth, it's been like years since I actually indulged myself in reading a good book. Light reading seems more applicable and practical nowadays. I always feel that if I were to start reading, then, I'll neglect and abandon my shallow.... But, today, I'm going to get the books, the whole lot, and force myself to start reading and enjoying every part of it..... You know what, there are 2 Harry Potter books (Half-Blood Prince which I bought in 2005 and Deathly Hollow which I bought last year) waiting for me at home plus a brand new book by Judith McNaught (my favourite author, I have the whole collection) which I bought before I boarded the flight to LA two months ago and still untouched.... Have to catch up on my readings no matter what.....