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Muammar Daim bin Rozinor

Muammar Daim is my youngest son. He's 3 years old and very very cheeky. Daim likes: 1. to sing 2. football 3. to take a walk with Mama 4. to hold hands with Mama 5. kissing Mama on her cheeks 6. to eat rice with kicap 7. to drink plain water 8. to sleep late at night but he won't disturb anybody 9. to wake up late in the morning 10. talking on the phone with Atuk 11. to tell stories even though Mama tried so hard not to laugh everytime he started his story with "Once upon a time....." 12. to run and hop, he doesn't walk, he skips...hahahaha... 13. to sit in the car quietly with seat belt on 14. to watch Ultraman and wishes to become one 15. to read just like Abg Ngah and Mama 16. to wear his khaki bermuda shorts 17. to play hide and seek, he hid in the wardrobe once and fell asleep there making Mama panic for a while 18. to be the youngest in the family, whenever someone asked him if he would like to have a little sister/brother, he would quickly say 'No way

Umarizz Darwisy bin Rozinor

Umarizz Darwisy is my second son. He just turned 4 last Merdeka Day. Yes, he's a Merdeka baby. Although at birth he weighed 3.56 kg which was quite big for me, at 4, he's only 14 kg. He's small, thin but no doubt, quite strong. You could feel his hard bones whenever you pressed his arms or thighs. Darwisy is an extremely active boy. He hardly sleeps and always on the moves no matter when and where. He could run fast and I often imagined Darwisy as a football player looking at his speed while running. I've described Darwisy in this blog a few months ago about how he could cry really hard and I even said that Darwisy had crying as his hobby. Hahahahaaa.....and the statement remains until today. Yes, let me tell you how he could cry and cry and cry whenever his wishes were not granted. There was once when he wanted me to take his bottle for him which was only at arm's length. Of course I didn't want to do it because he could take it himself. But being Darwisy, a

Danish Muqri bin Rozinor

Danish Muqri bin Rozinor is my eldest son. Today is his last day of school for this year. Yes, he was quite excited to go to school because he told me that he wanted to play with his friends before meeting them again early next year. He just turned 7 last 8 November. Being the eldest and biggest, he's indeed a responsible son and brother. He could tolerate his two younger brothers well. He often gave ways to those two cheeky little ones. There was once when Danish was happily munching a piece of biscuit, one of his brothers came up to him and asked for a bite. At first, it was clear that Danish was a bit reluctant to let his brother have it. The two boys were looking at each other intensely when suddenly Danish offered the biscuit to his brother, not just one tiny bite but the whole piece! Wow, that was something, I said to myself at that time. I expected Danish to just ignore his brother and swallow the whole thing, but he tolerated and gave away his favourite biscuit happily. Th

Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain

Back in late 90s when Astro had just started its operation, my father subscribed to it. I could still remember that it was considered a luxury thingy back then due to its installation fee which was about 1K++. I couldn't recall the monthly fee however. I knew at that time not so many people had installed Astro and we were amongst the first few subscribers. The image of the digitalized screen was quite clear and at times you could see some alien boxes on the tv screen. Seriously. I guessed technology was still a trial and error on the cable at that time. The channels were not so many like today. The local channels (free ones) were not even on the list yet. There was only one Malay channel, Ria and the movie channels available were only HBO and Star Movies. There were also one Chinese channel, a Tamil channel and of course there were MTV and Channel V around. The best part about Astro during those times was the attraction that it offered to its limited viewers. There were many cont

Late and Wait

Dear readers, Being a normal human being, I'm sure all of you have been late before. Be it late for class, late for submissions, late for a movie and late for anything that you can think of. I have been late myself. Throughout my adult life, I have been late for so many things. And all my lateness had good reasons behind them. Yes, everything happens for a reason, right? Whenever I was late for something, I'd be rushing like mad. This is because I'm the type of person who would try the best to be on time no matter what. If not on time, it'd be earlier. Get what I mean? If I was the one waiting, and the other person was late, well, I would always be the forgiving person. The reason is obvious....I've been late before, so, it's not wrong for another person to be late too. That person must have his/her own reasons for being late. We just have to compromise and tolerate here and there in order to make both parties happy. There's no point being angry just bec


Last Tuesday, on the way back from picking up Danish from school, the sky was threatening to rain heavily. It was very dark making it look like night time. However, luckily, the traffic was not too bad. As I was driving, one of my sons said that he saw a car broke down. I drove past the car and saw that there was a lady in her late 30s and carrying an infant. Beside her on the right was a small girl and on the left another girl. Could be her daughters. They were standing by the roadside, behind their MPV. The emergency lights were on. The lady was just smiling, looking cool and she was trying to console the daughter on her right who looked like crying. The lady then tried to stop the cars that passed by. I slowed down my car and I was about to stop when suddenly I heard a loud honking behind me. There was a lorry honking me like mad right behind my car. I was startled and sped off. Damned the lorry. Couldn't the driver see what was happening? Even if the driver didn't want to