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Let's Read

Since I've been catching up with my readings lately, there are things that I've noticed happening around me. My sons are also into reading now. For example, my eldest son, Danish, would start taking out his BEN 10 comic series (he has 6 BEN 10 series) and reading them whenever he sees me taking out and reading my own book. My second son, Darwisy, would do the same thing. He would be busy looking for his own pictorial book whenever he sees his Mama and Big Bro reading. And my youngest son, Daim, would start looking flustered because he normally puts his book at 'out-of-this-world' place. While the rest of us are starting to sit down comfortably to read, he would hassle us to help him find his book first....and once found, he would lie down flat on his tummy and read out loud (of course, in his own version...). I always carry with me a book or two while going out. And now, all my sons would also carry their books with them in their own bags. And when I start to read i


Danish's dialogue: Nenek: Danish, Mama masak apa hari ni? Danish: Lamb, Nek. Nenek: Kambing? Dapat kat mana? Danish: Tadi pergi C4, beli kambing sekor, pastu suruh org C4 tu sembelih, pastu Mama amik la satu keping jer masak kat rumah. Nenek: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaaaaa....... Darwisy's dialogue: Mama: Good nite, Darwisy. Darwisy: Good nite, Mama. I love you too, Mama. Mama: I love you, Darwisy. (feeling confused, scratching her head and asking herself: Who said 'I Love You' first? He or me?......) Daim's dialogue: Daim: Mama, listen.....Aku jadi Upin Ipin...(Daim calls himself 'aku'...heheh) Mama: Ok, now sing... Daim(in almost Upin Ipin's voice): Hi kawan, saya Upin, ini adik saya Ipin. Ini kisah kami berdua. Hi!!!!....Episod 3: BEN 10 Mama: haahahahahahhaaaaaa......(mmg hard-core BEN 10 fan anak bongsu aku ni...)