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Tempat seorang isteri adalah di sisi suami

It's going to be 10 more days before I'm off to LA. Danish keeps on asking when is the exact time that we are going. He's so excited to see his Papa. He told me that the first thing that he's going to do is run to Papa and hug Papa and sit on Papa's patient, my little one, you'll get to do all that soon...

Time really flies

I have so much to do in not so much time....hihihi.... Heading a department is not easy...there are many things that I have to look through and think about such as whether the staff are executing their tasks properly, entertaining office politics which can be a real pain in the #$%, making sure that clients are properly fed with the correct information, etc, etc....the list is endless..... But I'm managing well and I know that those people out there feel comfortable working with me with my pleasant personality and high level of tolerance....hihihi... Well, I'm racing against time now realising that I won't be around for almost 2 weeks soon....there are so many things to settle before I go off to LA...just hope that the staff can bear with the huge checklist that I've prepared for them.....haha..

Broken English Disease

This morning I came across an article in the Star online in Mind Your English column. This column is one of my favourites because as you all know, I'm a language person and analysing language is one of my expertise, heh, heh... Ok, back to the article.....the writer mentioned about how a lecturer in a local institute practically trying to kill the beauty of English language (pardon me for my word choice but the word 'kill' is how I would describe such situation, sigh....). That particular lecturer somehow might think that the way he/she speaks English is correct and acceptable. But, no, no, far as the world is concerned, that lecturer is suffering from a serious disease called 'Broken English Disease' (the term derived from the writer himself). I couldn't agree more with the writer. It is indeed a disease and just pray that it would not get contagious... You might wonder what was it that the lecturer had done that he/she was being treated this way. We


Ride? To ride? To be ridden? Hmmm...such a beautiful least for me..... I've been admiring this four letter word 'ride' since I've learnt how to analyse language. 'Ride' - a word which carries a whole lot of incredible meanings..... There are many other fantastic words which are interesting to analyse. In my many experiences dealing with English language, I've come to realise that every single word that is formed has its own history behind it.....some of them could be shocking once discovered and some are just plain predicted..... Well, I'll be in a joyride soon enough to explore and discover more about what impact could 'ride' have on me......

Flag war

It's election fever everywhere now in Malaysia. Too bad I won't be able to vote this year...I'll be in Los Angeles by then....All the best to all our leaders........



The long break

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and today is a half-day for work. It's going to be a long weekend for me and the children.....I guess it's time for a quiet and peaceful re-bonding with the kids.....perhaps a few calls to hubby just to catch up on things would be nice... Well, I'm going to pamper myself this long weekend, a haircut would be a good idea and a sound sleep is definitely what I need most after the previous hectic weeks trying to complete the mega project single-handedly... I think the phones need a break too, :)

I'm ok

The days are getting better....I'm adjusting well to the absence of beloved hubby... The kids are adjusting well too.... Just would like to share something interesting.... As I was driving back home from work one fine late afternoon, I saw a couple having the fight of the year!!!! hahaha....Yup, right at a corner near a traffic light of an indeed the busiest road in KL....right in the heart of Jalan Sultan Ismail... The girlfriend (or wife, perhaps??) was running away from her boyfriend and her boyfriend was trying to catch up with her. They stopped occasionally and faced each other and yelled at one another. Then, they would continue the chase....This went on for about 50 metres more when suddenly the boyfriend got onto his knees and pulled his girlfriend's arms and to my astonishment, he was crying like anything while nodding and shaking his head, he was begging for forgiveness...... And the best part was.....the girlfriend slapped him on the face and just left him in awe!!!