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Happy 2nd Birthday, Danish Muqri!!!

It's been quite some time since I've entered this blog. So much has happened since then... 08/11/04 Happy 2nd Birthday, Danish Muqri!!!! It's my son's second birthday. We had a mini celebration at my parents' place. It never occurred to me that my son is not fond of candles and a huge cake. The moment the candles were lit up, he ran behind me and hid himself. Everybody started singing the birthday song and he still did not bother to join in...but, I could hear him whispering the birthday song behind my back. Aha, you can run but you can never hide from Mama, darling......hihi... I have a teeny-weeny wish for you, my little one..... I hope you will always feel that you are extremely important to us no matter what. Mama and Papa will love you indefinitely and be there for you through good and bad times...I promise... "Come what may, I'll face it!"