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Second day in LA

Just to tell dear readers out there, please bear in mind that this entry and the entries after it do not represent the exact dates of which I was in LA. Take it as a belated contribution to my pink blog. Here goes... Second day in LA was spent sleeping. I was suffering from quite a bad jet lag and I felt my whole being shattering......Danish, however, was jovial as ever, I guess his body didn't mind the long journey and all those adventurous encounters.....Good for him.... My husband had to go to class to complete his editing from morning till late afternoon. So, I took the opportunity to sleep as much as I could and I switched on the TV for Danish so that he would be occupied for the rest of the day. And after about a few hours of sleeping, I woke up and found that Danish was sleeping soundly beside me. Well, what did I say to you before, my darling, you would for sure fall asleep like me....hihi I jumped out of bed and started towards the kitchen. I had promised my husband th

Welcome to Los Angeles, United States of America

We took off from KLIA at 3.15 pm local time. It took about 4 hours to reach Taipei, our one and only stop for this long journey to LA. Flight was smooth except for a few minor occasional turbulence as we were about to reach Taipei. Transit was for one and a half hour before we took off again towards LA. This time the journey took 10 hours and 40 minutes. I was praying that Danish wouldn't be restless and up and about. And being a good boy he was, didn't bother much about the long journey because he got to lie down flat since the whole stretch of seats was empty. He looked so comfortable sleeping and to my amazement he was sleeping soundly the whole 10 hours. He didn't wake up for a visit to the lavatories nor he stirred a little bit for a meal. I guess his biological clock was ticking as if he was still back home. I had quite a hard time waking him up that the helpful steward and stewardess were trying to do the same. Finally we managed to get him wide and awake just abou