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Alright, this is going to be a short one. This morning I had the most satisfying feeling ever. Nothing can beat this kind of satisfaction that I felt this morning. Not even a rise in your salary. Nor the multiple &%$!#& that you might get during intimate events. Yes, nothing can satisfy me better than during the time when my son appreciated me and thanked me for the food that I prepared for him.

Gats Merens

It had been 13 years since we last met. Last Saturday was the day when we gathered again, well, at least, half of us met again after all these years at a reunion. It was a blast!!!!! I had a really good time catching up on things with my good friends. At first, I wanted to go there alone, without the boys and my baby girl. But, hubby had a last minute thing to settle and I had to bring along my baby. Hubby took the boys with him. I went to the hotel with my best friends, Hazel and Emmi. We took about almost two hours to reach the venue due to massive traffic jam caused by the International Book Fair nearby. It was great meeting all of my course mates. Many had changed, physically...ehem, ehem....some hardly changed at all.....however, everyone looked great.....I'd go into the details later, in the next entry perhaps... I wished I had more time to spend with them. There were still many more stories to tell, many more news to catch up with and many more tears to share.... I love you