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Hi there! I went to Penang last week for 6 days. I was there on business but I just had to bring my kids along with me since nobody was available to take care of them here in KL. Well, no problem with that because I would be in peace when they were with me all the time. So, I arranged my time accordingly so that my business meetings would be on schedule and my kids would be attended to as well. The first two nights and three days we stayed at Hydro Hotel which was superb. The room was huge. There was one king-sized bed, a living room consisted of a white large sofa, a coffee table and two wide armchairs. There was also a working table with lamp and leather chair. It was indeed a comfortable room that I enjoyed so much. Oh yes, there were two balconies, one with two pool chairs and a round table, another balcony with two plastic chairs and a square table. My children loved the spacious room that they turned it into a football field during the day!!! The next three nights we stayed at