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Welcome to the world, Umarizz Darwisy!!!

The world is merrier with the existence of my newborn son, Umarizz Darwisy. Delivering Darwisy into the real world was indeed a fantabulous experience which I would never and ever forget for the rest of my life..... The pain of contraction started two days prior to the estimated due date. Contraction of every 30 minutes had shorten into every 10 minutes and gotten even shorter with 5 minutes. But I had to bear with the 5 minutes contraction for more than 24 hours. In the wee hours of the morning, I felt the greatest pain and I was then wheeled into the labour room. The suspense and pain were even greater there. I had to ask for a jab to lessen the killing contraction.....but too bad, it did not help that gynae offered me the ethanol to quicken the labour, without doubts or queries, I grabbed the gadget and inhaled the euphoric gas. Hey, that was quite a relief and I felt light-headed too.....this thingy was a miracle..... After 12 hours of labour, it's