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It's All I'm Asking For

I'm very sorry if it looks like I've been limiting my frequent visits. I have a very concrete reason for not calling as frequently as before. I'm doing this for my own peace of mind.... It's okay if nobody understands my intention. I know what's best for me to do at the moment. Just respect my space in this situation, that's all I'm asking for. Everything will go back to normal asap, I promise...

Speechless again

I'm expecting! I've removed my implanon last November and thought of inserting a new one. However, my dear gynae asked me to try for a girl one last time and my hubby agreed to it. And now, after two months, I'm pregnant. Alhamdulillah, it shows that I'm normal and healthy. I'm truly grateful with this gift and rezeki. Actually, what I'm planning to write is about my youngest son, Daim. Below is the conversation that took place about two days ago. He was running towards the door, wanting to follow his brothers outside to play. Mama: Daim, where are you going? Daim: Nak pegi main la. Mama: Abis, sapa nak teman Mama kat dalam rumah? Daim: Ala, baby kan ada... Mama: (speechless)