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I Was Tagged!!!

As I was reading a blog of a good friend of mine, Jellyna, I noticed that I was tagged by her!!! So, to take the challenge, here goes.... Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!! Don't Forget to post it...!! 1. What is your name : Lizamurni 2. four Letter Word : Love 3. A boy's Name : Lutfi 4. A girl's Name : Laila 5. An occupation : Lecturer 6. A color : Lilac 7. Something you'll wear : Loafers 8. A food : Lasagna 9. Something found in the bathroom : Listerine 10. A place : London 11. A reason for being late : Lazy 12. Something you'd shout : Liar!!! 13. A movie title : Layar Lara 14. Some

I Hope...

It's only my second day of being a homemaker and yet I already have my hands full. Yup, there are clothes to be folded, three rooms to clean plus a room to overhaul (haha!), a sink to polish, two business proposals to complete and a book to!!! I'm going to face an extremely hectic week ahead..... BUT, hey, hey, hey, I'm not complaining.....those are all my job now and I'm getting paid for executing them...heheh.... Well, I miss my staff and my friends at the office so much.....and I'm sure I'm going to miss them a lot now....but as I've told them before, they can always find me everywhere on the net - Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Blog...they can even give me a tinkle anytime if they want to....gosh, I hope they miss me too...

I'm A Homemaker

Dear readers, Today is my first official day of being a homemaker. Something which I have looked forward to for years and finally, here I am, ready to play the role of a fulltime wife, mother and daughter. Not that I didn't do any of those things before but now I'm doing all these on fulltime basis without having to share my time with office people, clients, etc, etc..... Am I happy? Of course, in fact, I feel so relieved. Why? Those who are close to me know that I have been in the corporate world for 11 solid years. Some people wouldn't believe the way I worked because I really put all effort in whatever I was doing. I didn't mix personal with professional...personal is personal and professional is professional. I was thankful that I managed to separate these two all this while..... Whenever was given a task, I would definitely put my full thoughts, energy and passion in it until it became a success. There were failures and hiccups along the way, no doubt, but I wou

Today Is My Last Day

Today is my last day at the office. Frankly, up till now, I still haven't finished packing yet....not that there're many things to bring back home, it's just that somehow I feel a bit lazy to start packing. Luckily, I have a diligent staff who's been helping out since morning. Now that it's lunchtime, still there're many things left untouched....gotta wait till after lunch.... I'll update later....

You've Got To Check This Out

While driving during one lovely morning, my inner thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. It was my hubby calling and he sounded excited which was quite unusual of him especially at such hours of the day. Well, being a good and loyal wife, I attentively listened to him. He told me that he had found a new rock ballad from Guns & Roses (GnR)...our favourite.....well, well, now he got my full attention.... It's been quite a while since GnR produced rock ballads after November Rain, Patience and Don't Cry. I've been waiting for more rock ballads from them and now that my hubby found it, I got all goosebumps over me...heheh... Once I reached the office, I practically almost ran to my room and tried to look for the song. But, being a thoughtful hubby, my hubby had already posted the song for me. I turned on the speaker and enjoyed the melodious song especially the piano part. I would definitely play it on my piano... And I'm sure my hubby's quietly dedicating it

Freedom....I Won't Let You Down

I spent my days recently reading other people's blogs. People whom I know and also those whom I do not know at all. That's the beauty of it - blogging makes you explore what other people all around the world think and feel. Many people have their own blogs nowadays. They called it the 'in' thing. I started blogging since 2004. At that time, blog was not too widely-known. I got to know about blog accidentally when I was busy reading an interesting thread in a local forum community. I began exploring and I signed up after being extremely curious about it. I noticed that people treated blogs as their journals or diaries at that time. So, I did the same. My blog was used to pour out my feelings and my opinion on things that I encountered during the day. I blogged everyday back then without fail but as usual, after a while, I began to ignore my blog and only posted entries whenever I felt like it. Now, blogging has become a lifestyle. If you do not blog, you are not updati