Of Eggs & Specs

"Sometimes the very thing you're looking for,
Is the one thing you can't see"

Those are my two favourite lines from an evergreen "Save The Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams. The song was a hit years ago, when I was still in my secondary school.

My husband asked me out that night. After about two weeks not being alone together with him, I guess he kinda missed the lovey-dovey dating time with me. I said okay and quickly dressed up. After making sure that I had put on my best lipstick, my right hand automatically roamed about for my spectacles. It was not at its usual location. I looked around me but unfortunately, it's no where to be seen. I got panicked because without my specs I would be just like a blind old lady.

I tried so hard to recall my last encounter with my beloved specs. I even asked my husband to help me find it. He, too, failed to retrieve my precious gem. We searched high and low. In the kitchen, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms, inside the washing machine....we basically covered the whole house but to no avail.

At that very same moment, my one and only daughter was singing her favourite song out loud with earphones on. She went to the kitchen, obviously not aware of the chaos around her. Suddenly, she shouted, "Ma, why did you put your specs in the fridge? The eggs don't have eyes lah....".



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