This is Daud

Let me introduce to you my youngest cheeky son....

He is Muhammad Daud Rayyan bin Rozinor. He is now 7 years old but I have to say that he is a little bit extra matured for his age (haha..). He talks a lot and you'll be amazed at his vocabulary. Maybe because he has talkative mother, brothers and sister. I guess he managed to pick up all the words that he heard along the way and used all of them when he was finally able to talk at 2 years old. 

Daud is a generous boy. He told me in the car on the way home from school one day that he gave his friend RM1.00 because his friend didn't have food to eat during recess, and Daud was left with only RM1.00 to splurge at the school canteen. However, Daud didn't mind at all. He confidently said that if he gives one as sadaqah, Allah is going to repay him with ten. Awwww, that's so sweet, wasn't it? 

Daud is also a helpful boy. He likes to help me whenever I am in chaos trying to complete the endless housechores while having to finish my professional tasks at the same time. He will offer to do anything within his ability in order to make my job less burdening. Just a simple wipe of the dining table will do. He is just too cute...

Another spectacular character of Daud is that he is a compassionate and emphatic boy. When I feel sad about something, he will come and console me. He will use all kinds of comforting words which at times make me cry harder...(hahahahahaaa). He is such an adorable son.

Daud, I know that you will become a very successful person in your life. I will not stop praying that whatever you do will always be blessed and you will have the best place in Jannah together with me, inshaAllah. Aamiiiinnnn.....


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