Nite Nite

I had a late start this morning. Woke up at almost noon.

Started my first day of 'Puasa 6' for Syawal this year. Had my sahoor at 5am and waited for Subuh prayer till 6.30am, then I hit my fluffy pillow.

Asked my eldest to prepare lunch for his siblings as I was fasting and didn't have the mood to cook at all.

Planned to cook a simple fried bihun or vermicelli for break fast. At 6pm, I cooked my bihun and ate peacefully during Maghrib with my husband and my second son.

Spent few hours on the mobile browsing my favourite social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and Youtube.

As I am writing this, my eyes are threatening to shut down just like my brain asking me to shut down my computer.

That's all for today.

Till then.

Ya Allah! Thank you for all the rezeki today and please guide me through tomorrow.


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