I Won!!!!!

For your information, entering all sorts of contests has always been my favourite past time. The joy of knowing that I might win something has drawn me into challenging myself by taking part in various competitions.

Therefore, about three weeks ago, I entered an online contest organised by Coca-Cola. I sent in two entries and frankly, I didn't put any hope at all because this contest has regular followers all around the world. However, as I checked my email just now, I received a notification announcing that I was one of the winners for both of the contests. Yes, not one but two contests. Yeay!!!!! I won an exclusive limited edition Coca-Cola string bag and Lazada e-vouchers. How could anyone beat that, huh? 😄😄😄 Regardless of what kinds of prizes that I received, it was all worth it!

Btw, as I was writing this, my sons were cheering happily on top of their lungs. They had just won Mobile Legend Championship League for this weekend! Congratulations, guys!!!

Ya Allah! Thank you so much for all the rezeki that you have bestowed upon me today. Please guide me through tomorrow. Aamiiinnnn....


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