I'm Just An Ordinary Woman

My work demands myself to have all sorts of soft skills available. These include good communication skill, well-balanced emotion, strong mental power and adventurous. I deal with all sorts of people almost everyday. People whom I never met before and also people whom I'm familiar with. Being in this department, I have to communicate with people from all over the world (at least, the major parts of the world, if not all....). The way I communicate with these people also plays a big part. If I say the wrong words, I might lose the possibility of engaging a good deal or contract for the organisation.....That's the most vital and critical part of being me and sitting in my position.

Yesterday, delegates from Nepal visited the organisation. They had been dealing and communicating with me for almost a month before the visit. So, when they came over yesterday, my staff and I were ready to welcome them (this happens all the time whenever visitors came over for a visit). They were taken to the meeting room and were served with light refreshments while waiting for the other heads of departments to arrive. Later, we had some presentations and some Q&As. Now, come the interesting part...the tour...yes, we had a tour of the facilities available at the centre. It seemed that our workplace was much better than theirs (well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...). The visit lasted for about 3 hours and hopefully, something fruitful and promising would be the outcome of it.

Discussion In The Meeting Room

One of the Nepalese asked me about the breadwinner of the family here in Malaysia. He was wondering whether women are the heads of families......because from his observation, the moment he stepped onto Kuala Lumpur (KLIA to be exact), he could see working women everywhere. And when he came to my organisation, again he witnessed working women all over the workplace and with different positions, from support staff to the top management level.
To answer his question, I told him that men are still the heads of families but nowadays, both husbands and wives need to work in order to make ends meet especially those in big cities like Kuala Lumpur. I even told him that in universities, majority of the students are female and here in Malaysia we actually encourage women to be independent and they have the freedom to venture into anything that their hearts desire.

The Tour

Lunch With The Delegates

The Delegates and Yours Truly

He then asked me how long have I been working and how was my education background like....when I told him the answers, he was amazed (this could be clearly seen in his facial expression)....when he got to know that at the same time, I'm also a wife and a mother of three, he got even more fascinated. I guess such scenario does not happen in his country (maybe....I'll have to do some research on this...)......and by this time, the rest of the group had been listening and they actually asked me about how I go about dealing and managing everything at one go...

Well, my answer is simple....when there's a will, there's a way...and my philosophy in life is....come what may, I'll face it......


Shera said…
Dear Dikny,
U look amazingly beautiful here. Gaya ada, looks ada, skills ada, .....wow!!! Outstanding!!! Keep it up.
lizamurni said…
Thanx...hihihihi....TESL power!!!
jabishah said…
I like the pic of you... so petite yet the head of the project ;-) Bravo! Bravo!

ps- and... if we are supermom, credits to our moms who are indeed super-dupermom, retired & are now frelancers ;-)
Nic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said…
Sorry i removed my comment by mistake! Ingat nak edit je.. sekali ter-delete.. jeez.. i'm such a klutz sometimes

What I said was
I'm proud of you in your little power suit
It's surely not easy being in a male-dominated job
Especially when there are so many MCPs around.. (believe me, I know)
Keep your chin up
You rock girl, good work

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