My Reading Story

To me, reading can be addictive. Especially when you have nothing much to do and lots of free time. And of course, when you find a really good book to read.

I am addicted to books.

I think I've started reading as early as 3 years old. My parents told me that at the age of 3, I could already read the newspapers and my favourite books were Peter & Jane series. Ever since that time, I've never stopped reading and I would try my very best to read whenever I had the chance.

However, as time passed by, my reading habit had become less and less frequent. All due to work, family and other life commitments. For about five years in a row, I only read 1 book a year!!! That's how bad it was. When I decided to work from home, I managed to re-gain my reading habit.

Yes, once, I managed to finish up reading 6 books in 8 days! All of the books were novels of about 300-600 pages per book. It was in 2009 when I just quit my hectic fulltime job. I'd vowed to myself that I would catch up with my reading once I'd become a homemaker. And that's what I did! And ohhh I was soooo glad!!!

To tell you the truth, I was not so into Malay books, be it novels, magazines or any other light readings. I've always been buying and reading English books. I just felt that Malay books especially novels were all too sloppy and the language used was not easy for me to comprehend. Whenever a friend tried to persuade me to read Malay books, I would give 1001 reasons and excuses to say no. Sometimes I would just take the books for friendship sake but I would not touch and read them.

BUT, all that has changed. I am now addicted to Malay novels!!!!! Hahahahaaa.....

They are sooooo addictive!!!!!! Once I get hold of a book, I can't seem to let it go. I guess nowadays, Malay novels are so much fun to read and full of romance, adventure, respect and when it comes to Islamic novels, wow!!! they are simply phenomenal!!!

Now, I have my favourite Malay writers such as Norhayati Berahim, Melur Jelita, Siti Rosmizah, to name a few. Their books are great. Not focusing only on love, they are also full of reality of life, superb dialogues, simple language and I can relate to their characters and plots well.

Of course, I've not been neglecting my English books. They are still my favourites and I still read them.....


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